Copying Hard Drive, but preserving Drive Letter Assignment

I have Ghost 10.0.  I want to copy my current active harddrive to a new harddrive (its bigger).  Now, I'm just wondering, is there any way to get it to copy "C:" over to the new drive, but keep the drive letter? I tried it once, but I had created a partition beforehand and it had a dfiferent drive letter.  the copy went over fine, even got it to boot to windows, but almost nothing worked right because all the paths pointed to "C:" instead of the current drive letter.  So, I need to preserve the drive letter in the copy, but don't know how.  So, can anyone tell me how I could possibly make an image on some DVDs or CDs with Ghost 10.0? At least this way, I can remove my old hard drive, boot to the drive image and when I copy it over, I can assign the "C:" to the new drive.

So far, the only method I tried was: I created a partition using WinXP, I then used the "Copy Hard Drive" function of Ghost 10 to copy it to the new partition (which is on the new drive).  However, since both my old drive and new drive are running under windows at the same time, I couldn't give the old drive the letter assignment of "C:".  I know I've seen Ghost images on DVDs before, I just can't figure out how to do it.  Also, I have PartitionMagic 8, but its not installed yet.  If you know of any way that will help, that'd be great.
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YurayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i don't know how it's performed in ghost 10, but in true image, when i want to clone the old drive to a new one, i hook both drives(the new one as a slave), then run the prog, and there is an option "clone the drive". After several minutes i get the new drive like the old one. Then i unplug the old drive, make the new one as a master and boot and this way drive letter assigment is preserved.

I think the clone process in ghost doesn't differ from acronis one. Read manual carefully to be sure.
As far as I know you should not have to assign ANY drive letter. If you make ghost a copy
onto a new HD and then remove the old HD replacing it with the new larger one, the new
drive should receive the drive letter C: if it is the only drive in your PC. Making sure it is
plugged into the Primary IDE slot would also help to ensure this.

Then if you want to add another HD for extra storage, shutdown the PC and connect it. The
newer HD you installed and boot to should retain the C: drive letter and the secondary drive
would pick up the next available drive letter.
Do nothing to the new drive. If you have formatted or partitioned it, delete all. Install it beside the current C drive pinned as slave. Boot to the Ghost CD. Clone the drives. Remove the current C drive, pin the new drive as master. Plug it in to the same cable position as the original drive. Reboot. It will be C.

Chris B
raw_enhaAuthor Commented:
Ok, I'll try that out when I get home from work today and let you know how it goes.
It should go just fine, UNLESS you manually set the drive to another
letter besides the default C:
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