Bash script question (about execution)

I want to make a bash script lets say the name will be: getpsy
I want to give some parameters when i will execute it, something like: getpsy -p 1234 -lang EN -l user pass -d directory
How can i read them in some variables, like the one from -p-> 1234 in $port? (-p means port, -lang means language, -l means login and password, -d the  directory)

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man getopts

Example script parses and displays its arguments:

while getopts ab: name
    case $name in
    a)    aflag=1;;
    b)    bflag=1
    ?)   printf "Usage: %s: [-a] [-b value] args\n" $0
          exit 2;;
if [ ! -z "$aflag" ]; then
    printf "Option -a specified\n"
if [ ! -z "$bflag" ]; then
    printf 'Option -b "%s" specified\n' "$bval"
shift $(($OPTIND - 1))
printf "Remaining arguments are: %s\n" "$*"


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Unfortunately, getops restricts arguments to be single characters.  
You can parse the command line manually.  The following code picks up each argument which starts with a '-'.  Arguments which do not start with '-' are saved in $OPTS.

while [ $# -gt 0 ] ; do
  case $1 in
    "-p"       )
        port=$2; shift; shift ;;
    "-lang" )
        lang=$2; shift; shift ;;
< etc.  ... for other args >
    -*                       )
      echo "Unrecognized option: $1"; exit ;;
    * )
      OPTS="$OPTS $1" ; shift ;;
rares_dumitrescuAuthor Commented:
eager .. and if i have -l user pass .. how will i put them?
i mean
"-l" )
    login= ?
and another thing .. what does shift stand for ? thanx
"-l" )
  shift; shift; shift

Arguments are stored in variables named $1, $2, etc.  The 'shift'' command removes $1 and shifts all of the other arguments left.  Essentially, $1 = $2; $2 = $3, $3 = $4, etc.  

The code snippet looks at the first argument ($1) and checks if it matches one of the options.  If it does, the values for the option are the following arguments ($2, $3).  Once those values are copied, the first shift gets rid of the option, the second (and third) shift eliminates the value(s).

Recommended:  Learning the Bash Shell, by Cameron Newham and Bill Rosenblat, O'Reilly books.
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