What must I do to get OWA succesfully working on this new exchange 2007 installation ?

I installed 2 new HP G5 servers, one 32-bit W2K3 for dc-file-print-backup functions , the other one as 64-bit W2K3 as dedicated exchange 2007 server. I installed custom with the all possible options (which is the same as basic + unified messaging component). Then I succesfully migrated the existing win2000 +exchange 2000 forest into this new environment and everyone is happy working in the new domain with there mailbox on exchange 2007. Now they ask me to enable owa on that exchange server. I go to IIS, notice that the default website is in status: "stopped" and I cannot start it !! I receive an error "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process". I have not touched IIS before on this server and this is a straight out of the box default installation of exchange 2007.

Question: What must I do to get OWA succesfully working on this new exchange 2007 installation ?
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This looks like an IIS problem, not OWA.

If you browse to http://localhost/ does something else come up? Management tools for the server for example?

Have you checked to see if anything else is listening on port 80/443 ?

This sometimes means that you have several Web Sites on the server, and that more than one is configured to use the same SSL Port/IP Address combination.  Do you have more than one Web Site on that server?  If so, check which ports they are using for SSL.  If several are using the same port, you will need to get them to listen on different IP addresses.
profundidoAuthor Commented:
Sembee: no, nothing else comes up (except for the "this page cannot be displayed") I had indeed alrdy used netstat -a -o to check for processes and couldn't find anything relevant. On top of that, I noticed that this error is unlike all the ones I had in the past while troubleshooting OWA 2003 errors on different occasions (which I solve blindfolded by now) It really seems as if it's a file being used rather than a port

Leederbyshire: There is only the appllication pool container, the web service extensions container and the website container, and that website container only contains the default website which is "stopped". There are no other containers with websites or other websites within the container. There is no other form of known third party website programs running such as apache or the such
profundidoAuthor Commented:
For you and other people that want to delve into this I've posted a screenshot to make things clear. Again, remembat that this is a default installation of Exchange 2007 when it comes to IIS. I didnt' make any changes yet:

profundidoAuthor Commented:
Arggh I'm stupid. I explicitly looked for port 80 on the netstat since I hadn't installed any certs on the default website myself yet. Turns out exchange 2007 installs them by default and enables it. On top, and admin installed HP Power manager 4 which seems to take up port 443 by itself without the use of IIS or visible website applications. So it was a port issue after all. Case closed :)
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