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I am receiving the following error from McAfee VS ent. 7.1 and ePo 3.5 when I try and update a machine that is several months behind on the dat updates- Error occured while downloading file SiteStat.xml
Unable to find valid repository.

The machine in question has an older scan engine that I am unable to update also, any ideas?/

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Hi lazik,
I would try manually downloading the "SuperDat" or "SDat" file from the McAfee web site.
They contain the full "Engine" update and should get you back on track.

Post back when you can.

Try this

The McAfee Updater window will appear. Wait until Update finished is listed at the bottom of the scroll-down text box.
If you received anError occurred while downloading file SiteStat.xml and Unable to find a valid repository above the Update finished line within the text box, click Close. Make sure you have downloaded and run the latest SuperDATfrom FirstClass and have scanned your computer. Then repeat these instructions to make sure your AutoUpdate settings are set up correctly.
This is an issue with the Autoupdate Repository Configuration.

right click on your Virusscan tray icon and choose virusscan console
click on tools and select edit autoupdate repository list
you should see your epo server(s) and the default mcafee sites
look at the order of the repositories and change the order with the move up / move down buttons

If necessary move the Mcafee sites to the top of the list
the Mcafee sites should be;
If they are not there you can add them manually and move them to the top of the list

If you are using a proxy server you can select the entries and choose edit and put in the port number and authentication info.

Let me know if this works for you.
I have 8+ years experience managing Mcafee products and have seen just about everything :-)

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Great suggestion.
You need to monitor (create Filter) for the AV Zone - plus - any question with the word McAfee or ePO in it.
Lots of folks around who need the really Expert - detailed - help.

I was always a big fan of ePO but have been away from networks too long to be of much help.

lazikAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the great info guys....Yes I do believe it is a repository issue..the machine with the old scan engine was defaulted I'm guessing.. back to ePo_SSCDBS as the autoupdate repository, when I add my file server which is pulling the package from McAfee to the list, the machine tries to sync up with my file server however, it reports the following error..Error occured while downloading file SiteStat.xml....unable to find valid repository.  

How do I add the McAfee sites that you mentioned above go2dave?  Do I simply type in the NAIftp or the complete link?  I will troubleshoot this today and provide feedback to you all.

Thanks again.

Under the edit Autoupdate repository list just click add.
Type the following;
NaiHttp (in the repository description field) (in the URL section)
80 for the port number

NaiFtp  (in the repository description field)   (in the URL section)
21 for the port number
check the anonymous logon option

lazikAuthor Commented:
Worked perfect as I'm sure you knew it would :)  I have a second issue however, I'm going to award the points and post a new topic..same as this but part2.  Thank you all for the input.  
Very generous of you to do the split.

Nice answer and follow up.

Here is the link to the next question:

lazikAuthor Commented:
Anytime Vic, I'm here to learn and better myself/team, it's just great how guys like you and go2dave offer your skills and experiences.  Thanks again.  The part2 question is a thorn right now, I'm guessing that the machines are not showing up Green because the updates they are receiving are not from the server?? even though the server is pulling the package from McAfee, plus I'm not sure how to check my server path so I can config the users with the update from my server directly... instead of the web site....I'm sure I'll find out soon enough- Thanks-lazik
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