IBM BladeCenter and FastT600 Storage Manager - Windows 2003 Setup issues.

Hey Everyone,

I've got a Bladecenter That uses HS20 Blades that I'm trying to load W2K3 onto.  I'm having problems getting this installed correctly.  I'll either have W2k3 load the initial setup and present a NTOSKRNL.exe error or it just won't find the luns that I'm presenting as hard-drives at all.

I've got a FastT600 storage that I created a RAID 5 Windows 2000 Non-Clustered 20GB drive as, but I can't get Windows Setup to work with that.

I don't understand why FastT Storage Manager  version 8.33.G5.03 doesn't show Windows 2003 as an option when I'm setting these logical drives up.

I go to IBM's website, and all of the links that I go to after seaching for Storage Manger etc...end up being dead links.

Am I missing something because I'm really started to get upset with this BladeCenter?

Does anyone know of a version of this Storage Manger that will include Windows Server 2003 as options for all of this?

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InteraXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello inverted_2000,

The FastT600 is now know as the DS4300.

I am running storage manager V9.16.G5.41 which isn't the most recent version. I would have checked the most recent version, but there seems to be a problem with the IBM website.

Are you attempting to install the OS to the DS4300 or a local disk and just use the DS4300 for data storage?


inverted_2000Author Commented:
Is the Tivoli Storage Manager the way to go now...a tech from IBM stated that he thought it was...*not the "thought"


Depends if you are looking at a high end solution and you want to spend lots of money.

If you only have the 1 system, you might as well stick with the IBM Storage Manager. I've been advised to ensure that the firmware on the DS4300 is at the same level as the version of storage manager you are running.

Also, if you have multiple paths available from the HS20's to the DS4300 targets, ensure you load the RDAC driver from the Storage Manager installation routing to make these be seen as a single redundant path.

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inverted_2000Author Commented:

So I want to stick with the IBM Storage Manager.  Is that what it is called now?

I see so many things on IBM's site for the DS4300 and half of them work.

What should I be looking to download exactly.

Thanks a bunch.

You need the following.

IBM Storage Manager.
Q-Logic drivers for the HS20 FC card.

I'm not sure what the problem is with the IBm site at the moment, but it usually works fine. Try again in an hour to see if you can get to the storage downloads under support. I can't atm.

inverted_2000Author Commented:
I've got the driver's etc and the blades are updated.  I'm thinking it's the port creation stuff that is messing this up.

Thanks for your help,

I really appreciate it.
Which port creation?

I'm only a basic user and have little experience, but I have used this setup.

I'm currently running HS20's (8687) connected to a DS4300. I don't boot off the DS4300 atm, but may in the future.
inverted_2000Author Commented:
The host port mappings in director and the options that I have are only W2K.  That is what I think is happening.

But the funny thing is that there is one Blade with W2k3 EE and Exchange 2003 EE running.

I just can't figure out how he did it.
I don't think the partition type really matters.

Have you locked down the new partition to a specific Host port name?
Have you set-up the target persistent bindings in SAN Surfer?
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