Slideshow with current date/time - Flash 8

Hi, I just created a very simple/boring corporate screensaver with one static photo and at the bottom the current system time (hh:mm:ss) and date, but this time/date display method uses a 2 frames loop.

Now I want to create a slideshow with 5 or more photos, but I want to know if is possible to make it without creating a layer for each image and effects.
The slideshow must also show system's time and date.

Thanks for your answers!
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Tom RayCommented:
create your looping slide show in one movie clip, create your 2 frame date and time loop in a second movie clip and put each movie clip on the main timeline in frame 1. each movie clip will run independently and loop.
Tom RayCommented:
after re-reading your question i may or may not have understood your question completely.

are you wanting to create a slide show using just actionscript?
blueshaolinAuthor Commented:
No, not exactly .... I used to create one layer for each photo to create a slide show, I want to know if  there is a way to do this with only one layer.... or another easier/simpler method, because if I want to work with 100 images, I would create 100 layers and I'm sure that's not a good technique.

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Tom RayCommented:
see if this is the type of slide show you are looking for:

main time line is one frame with one mc
the placed mc is also one frame with two identical but different instance named mc's. they each reference yet one more mc the has one picture per frame. actionscript controls the fading in and out, speed, etc...

is that more on track with what you are looking for?
How about putting one image in one key frame on the same layer? Then you'll have only 1 layer for the images 1 layer for the movieclip which is responsible for the transition effect and 1 layer for the movieclip displaying system time and date.
blueshaolinAuthor Commented:
sibgig: Yes.... that kind of slide show.
So your proposed solution is: Creating 2 movies in frame 1 (different layers?): first one with the scheme on your last reply and the second one with time and date loop. Am I right ?

khoama: I can't figure out how to associate the layers... let's say I have 3 images (3 keyframes?).

Thanks again!
Tom RayCommented:
yes, that is my solution.

you can have the 2 mc's on different layers or not, that part would be up to you. me? i would would put them on separate layers if nothing for organizational purposes.

let me know if thats the route you want to go and want a copy of that slide show.

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blueshaolinAuthor Commented:
I'm working on it sibgig but i'd accept the copy of the slide show. :)
Tom RayCommented:
sure... here it is.

i've commented what i thought you might need.

remember to add a frame label for each photo added.

ask if you need help. good luck.
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