Outlook 2007 runs my HD for 30 sec. for every received email Altre opzioni

I upgraded from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007 and now every time I receive an email, even with Outlook and third-party antispam disabled, my HD runs desperately for 20-30 seconds blocking the usability of Outlook and almost blocking the usability of the whole Windows.
My PST is 5GB and my inbox contains atleast 50000 emails but it was not a problem in Outlook 2003.

What can be the cause?
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Have you tried compacting your Personal Folder yet?

Method 1:

Control Panel
Data Files...
(choose correct data file)
Compact Now

Method 2:

While in Outlook, right click on Personal folder choose propeties then choose folder size, this will show you size and also breakdown the subfolders.

To make smaller
You could try a compact now on the outlook.pst.
Right click on personal folders and choose properties, then advanced, then compact now.
Please note this can take a long time and may appear to not be doing anything.

Back up your PST before compacting.  Compacting a PST can cause file to corrupt and not able to read your emails.

1. Outlook 2007 is known for slow access to emails when PST is large.  Archive some emails to bring PST file down to .5 GB.  Then you will experience less delays.

2. If no joy, an addin could be slowing the use of Outlook, . Disable Outlook Addins.  Start with CSS addin.  Go to Tools > Trust Center > Add-Ins
 disable the addins.

3. Check if an external program running in the background is interfering with Outlook. Check Firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antispam, and all Norton programs. Disable these programs one at a time.

4. If no joy, create a new Outlook profile.

5. Repair Outlook. With Outlook open, go to Help > Detect and Repair.

6. If no joy, reinstall Outlook.  Go to Add/Remove Programs and highlight Microsoft Office. Click on Install/Uninstall.  A menu will pop allowing you to choose repair or reinstall.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
I "compacted" the PST but the problem persists identically.
My Inbox is 750MB large, 2.5GB with subfolders.

1. can I know where do you read that Outlook 2007 is slower than Outlook 2003 with large PST? it seems paradoxical to me. And ".5" instead of "5GB" means that I have to renounce to about 90% of my email database for example when I make a search into the PST or I sort my emails in my main folder. If I passed to Outlook 2007 to have this disadvantage I have no words...
And consider that I have a very fast hardware.
2. In Tools > Trust Center > Add-Ins: disabled all now but problem persists identically.
3. I now terminated all the programs I see in tray bar but problem persists identically.
5. I did it now and it detected a problem in the last phase (installation) that it has fixed but problem persists identically.
4 and 6. Since these are drastical solutions I prefer to wait before trying them.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Any other not drastic suggestions?
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Here is a blog where user found slow Outlook 2007 due to large mailbox.

There is a better link where a Microsoft developer said the same. But I cannot find it now.

Here are some ways users have found to speed up their Outlook 2007
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
war1: wow! thanks! very interesting threads!
I'll update you as soon as I find the solution.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
I think I found the official Microsoft KB article about my problem!
Yep, that's the article. This is the part that intrigues me.

"To accommodate new features, Outlook 2007 introduced a new data structure for .pst and .ost files. In this new data structure, the frequency of writing data to the hard disk increases as the number of items in the .pst or .ost files increases."

Outlook 2007 PST file has the same format as 2003 PST file.  So I wonder what new data structure Microsoft is referring to.
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
I retain this the most astonishing move of Microsoft of all my 15 years long IT career. I still can't believe to my eyes of what they have done to Outlook!

Would you close the question by accepting one of the comments above?
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
war1: yes, my comment dated 03.31.2007 at 03:00AM CET.
With some merit for you too. ;)
lucavillaAuthor Commented:
I'm happy to inform you my friends that Microsoft yesterday has released a fix to the performance issues in Outlook 2007 with large pst/ost!
lucavilla, glad Microsoft came up with a fix.  Does Outlook 2007 perform faster with the update?
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