My computer will not connect to the internet on my home wireless router

I have a Dell XPS M170 laptop with a wireless internet connection to a  Netgear WGR614 v6 wireless router. I have a Dell XPS desktop computer networked to it by wire.  They both use the Netgear to connect to the  Westell model 6100 DSL router.  This internet connection was set up with the software on the laptop.  This network is a workgroup based one using Windows XP Pro.  I use this setup at the office.

I have recently gotten DSL cable run into my home at another location.  I am trying to use my laptop to access the internet through another wireless connection to a Linksys WRT54-G wireless router connected to a Motorola DSL Modem.  I know I have the internet working to the modem because the installation guy had it on his computer.  There is another Linksys WRT54-G wireless router in the vacinity because I can connect to it and access the internet through it. It seems to have the same default IP configuration as mine.  I cannot access my router because the other one seems to be overidding it.

I have tried to directly hook up the ethernet cable from the modem and still cannot access the internet even though my connection shows that it is up and running.  I sometimes get a message that a file is curupt because it cannot share the same IP address.

Can someone tell me how I can straighten this all out with so many variables happening at one time
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OK.  First makes sure you can get to the Internet with a direct connection to your new DSL.  Turn off the wireless on the laptop, shut down, connect the cable and power up.   Do you get an IP?   Can you get to the Internet?  If not, call the provider and have them step you through it.

As for your wireless problems.  It sounds like you are using the default out of the box configuration with no security at all.  If that is the case, start over, change the SSID, turn on WEP, etc.   You will need to use a different SSID for your second wireless network.  I would have DHCP set to give out a different range of numbers on the second network as well.  I.e. set network A to 192.168.10.X and network B to 192.168.20.x     NOTE: I purposely stayed away from 192.168.1.x since that is probably what your neighbor is using and you will probably ignore my advise about security and changing defaults.  At least you will know whose network you are on by the IP.

I think we will need to take these one at a time (reduce the variables) to get you back in business.  
1. Get wired connection to New DSL Working.
2.  Setup Linksys with secure configuration.
3.  Setup laptop to connect to Linksys wireless.
4.  Secure your Netgear connection.
5.  Setup laptop to connect to Netgear wireless.

Let me know when you have a wired connection to the new DSL working, or any additional questions on getting it working.
Do you have any firewall setup on the system? disable it see if you can able access internet?
b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
The key is one of the things Steveoskh mentioned.  Change the SSID (or name) of your Linksys router.  I recommend you also implement security that Steveoskh described and also disable broadcasting on your Linksys router.  This will make it so your router is unique and you can then set the computer up to use it.

If the OS on this computer is XP (or depending on the wireless connection software) you also should look for a setting that prevents or allows automatic connecting to networks not set up.  Disable that or uncheck it so your computer won't just connect to anything.  Let me know the OS or connection software you use if you want specifics.

Let me know if you have a question or need more information.  Basically I think Steveoskh did point out the key solution but I wanted to make sure it was obvious.

uninstall :file and print sharing for microsoft networks the re-installl by gong to star-> network connections ->select adapter -> properties, don't just unck it, unistall it.  

After that open a cmd prompt and ping your ip own ip address shouwld get a reply otherwise re-install NIC drivers or upgrade them from manufacture' website.

Make sure you have internet protocol tcp/ip set for "obtain an ip automaically"

If you use a P2p client check you lmhost file for garbage pointers

Make sure the router does not have WEP/WPA security or MAC authentication enabled.
Split is fine with me.  Based on the users history, a response looks unlikely.
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