I selected Execute Permission-Scripts only , now I can't manage site in frontpage

I need to run ASP on my site, and I allowed Active Server Pages in the Web server extensions area, but when I changed the execute permissions under the Home Directory tab, we lost the ability to manage our website with frontpage.  If I select Check Server Extensions in the IIS Manager, I get the following:  Any Ideas on how to fix this?

MZÿÿ¸@ິ Í!¸LÍ!This program cannot be run in DOS mode. $o•DY+ô* +ô* +ô* +ô+ $ô* Ãë. (ô* Ãë .ô* Ûë! )ô* .Ö *ô* +ô* $ô* Rich+ô* PELNbéCà! 0a 3PÕûP±$P0ÐPÈ@´ph.text  `.data   @À.rsrcÐ00@@.relocô@@@B0äÖƲœ~P4ndX*  öìÜNbéCG¤¤*-*-* :-| :^| :-/ :-( 8-( *-*-*200 OKcontent-type: text/html content-length: 15 Server too busyVfpadmdllHttpExtensionProcQueueRequestInitThreadPoolMicrosoft FrontPage Server Extensionsfp5Autl.dll\{F8119364-D2DA-11D3-8631-005004838609}binbin\LocationSOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Web Server
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Did you contact the server admin and ask them to make sure ASP was able to be ran on the server?  And then change the execute permissions back in Frontpage

The reason you are getting this is because you have disallowed running exwcutables.

When you try to manage FrontPage it makes calls to fp5autl.dll.

Since you have told IIS not to run executables it tries to send the file down the wire to you - what you see above is an ASCII representaion of the contents of the DLL file.

Set the execute permissions back to Scripts and Executables and you should be good to go.

Dave Dietz

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cconleeAuthor Commented:
If I set the permissions to Scripts and Executables, my frontpage can get in, but if I try to save a page, it says : Server error: the folder "folder1" is marked executable.  You are not allowed to put files in an executable folder on this server.
If I can fix this, I'll tell your boss to give you a raise..and the points.
cconleeAuthor Commented:
I got it..
You really don't want to use the Frontpage program itself to control permissions if you have access to the server to do so.  While you can, it is better to control those permissions server side.  And another reason is the FPSE are a security nightmare, hence one of the reason MS stopped supporting them

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