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Hi experts,

I have a diskette with some special system files. It has some kind of copy protection that prevents it to be copied. That is, if I make another copy (using the usual windows copy function), the copy version would not work.
I would like to make an (exact) copy of the diskette as backup and it has to work exactly the same way.
This is sort of like cracking the copy protection…but any one out there done this kind of thing? Or is there any software that can mirror copy exactly the same thing to another diskette?

I think that the copy function in windows does not copy some of the bits/bytes, perhaps some software can do that.
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We need more details about the program on the disk.

There is no: Will-always-work-anti-copyprotection tool.

hmm, try for examle alcohol virtual drive prog.
Linux boot disk using dd.exe should work.
It does a raw sector by sector copy.
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Yeah... Linux boot disk should do the job.
So how precisely do you copy weak sectors or unknown disk formats with dd?

Take a testdrive with:

As said, we need the copy protected program name.

dd is a raw sector copy program .
It is used in forensics situations,it doesn't care about format
And how does dd know where a disk really starts and ends?

I would not rely on that. Especially if a program is designed to access "impossible" sectors...

As said take a testdrive. Free demo available...

TolomirAdministratorCommented: might be a solution though:

Copying this partition with normal Un*x tools like cat or dd will fail, as those tools abort on error. dd_rescue instead will try to read and if it fails, it will go on with the next sectors. The output file naturally will have holes in it, of course. You can write a log file, to see, where all these errors are located.
oldbAuthor Commented:
i am using windows, how do i use dd or dd_rescue?
In that case you cannot use dd.

You could give the good old vgacopy though a try:

Extract the archive. In dos -> vgacopy you find a file called:


Execute it, then all messages are converted to english.

Now start vgacopy.exe

Great tool for floppy disk copying, quite easy to use, even under windows.


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