Internet Explorer never loads home page onthe first try.

Here's the deal: This computer was having major performance issues, and after running the gauntlet of antivirus, spyware checks, etc, the computer runs quite a bit fatser but I still have some problems remaining. When opening up Internet Explorer 7, it will not load the home page on the first try. The home page is Yahoo. It will tell me that the page could not be found If I type in anyURl, it works and does so quite fast. If I type in yahoo it works fine too. Its just that hompage deal. If I change the home page, the issue now happens to that page. I downloaded and installed foxfire and had the same exact issue. Signing into AOL will work but takes forever despite the fast roadrunner connection. Also, once I successful navigate to one page the rest works fine. But if I reboot and go back to IE, same deal.

Gateway DX310X QS
 Seagate 200 GB 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drive With 8 MB Cache
Media Card Reader
Memory - Find Upgrades
 256 MB PC4200 533 MHz DDR2 Dual-Channel Memory
 ATI Xpress 200 Motherboard With 10/100 LAN  
Optical Drives  
 HLDS 48X/32X/48X CD-RW/DVD Combination Drive
 Intel Pentium D 930 (3.00 GHz) Processor

Windows XP Service Pack Two
McAfee Internet Security Suite (MIS) 36-Month Trial
not sure what else to say. I need a solution that does not involve formatting and reinstalling. This baby almost works good again. It's just this little obstacle. Time is of the essence too.

Can you help?
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Hi I would consider rolling IE7 back to IE6, there is a lot of new security features in IE7 and these were aimed at Vista.
There is no need for use users of xpsp2 to upgrade to IE7 same with WMP 11.
Bill just throws all the updates at everyone knowing  full well most folks will not screen out the updates not needed.
Now there is a few versions to IE7 which one you have you didnt mention.
How to uninstall Internet Explorer 7
please reboot.
If you have any problems run a system file checker at start run type in cmd press enter then type in sfc/scannow
you will need your full xpsp2 setup disc so windows can extract the files to replace.

Check  the hosts
run ccleaner
delete your cookies and history etc, you will have to log onto all your sites to re-activate

Get rid of of your trial of Mcfee and use AVG free version great little AV and auto updates each time it detects an internet... also  certifies your emails with current date file and virus free note at the bottom of each email you send.

choose AVG Free for Windows installation files
File Version
avg75free_446a965.exe 7.5.446

See how you go after this.
Marc ZCommented:
Did  I read that correctly?
256 MB RAM?  That is very low.  A minimum for XP should be 512 in my opinion, but that should not prevent you from accessing your home page on the first try.

I agree with Merete about getting rid of Mcafee but for this issue, it could be the problem.  You don't mention what Firewall is running, but your connection issue sounds like it is blocking your first attempt.

So check any firewall settings. If Mcafee has a firewall in it's suite make sure that it is not running at the same time as Windows Firewall, which is turned on with SP2.
Please tell us which firewall you have running.
joeystarr1Author Commented:
Sorry for the delay. The Macafee firewall was the one that was running but even with no firewall enabled I still had the issue. IThe issue existed even in Safe Mode with Networking. Rolling back to IEg changed nothing.  The hosts file was fine. Evrything suggested didn't resolve the issue. What I ended up doing was to put IE in startup and edited the pif file so that it start once as a background program. This way when It was time to use IE or Mozilla, that first attempt was already out of the way. Thanks anyway.

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joeystarr1Author Commented:
I guess I need to know how to close this question. everything has changed here so much since my last visit
yep please go to here>>
ask a new question
comment you solved it yourself and please close and refund, then add this URL 
then check no points are offered as its free to ask in community support follow the 4 steps submit, they will close and refund
Cheers merete
Marc ZCommented:
He canhave these points back, He'll need them.

Free answer for the future.  Install more RAM.
joeystarr1Author Commented:
mtz1of4:, RAM wasn't the issue here. I had already recommended to the user to upgrade their RAM sometime in the future, but more ram would not have solved this issue.

"He canhave these points back, He'll need them." - as it is difficult to discern tone from text, I won't assume any hostility from it; but I think anyone reading it can understand my skepticism.

If you feel that someone deserves the points, this is your opportunity to say so in a non-confrontational way. That's why we have mods. In the end, I have to stand by the non-biased decision of the mod. What choice would I have anyway? I hope no one was offended by my finding my own solution. I did mention that time was of the essence and that formatting was not an option in this case.

Marc ZCommented:
No hostility intended.   I was just noting to myself (perhaps out loud, which I should have not done) that you would be back, or at the very least, your client will be back to you.

I do not feel anyone should receive points for this, you clearly found your own way.
I am happy when people can figure out their own issues. You providing us with your solution might help others in the future.
Although I wouldn't recommend putting any Browser into the Startup folder, myself.

One last thought, before I go.  Before putting IE in your Startup folder, did you try disabling all Browser Add-ons? If running IE7, there is a "Internet Explorer (No add-ons)" in the All-Programs->Accessories->System Tools folder.

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