How to change my proejct's property, the "Project Folder" in visual studio

I'm using vs2005 and .net 2.0.  and the VSS is 8.0.  When I click for my proejct's property, the "Project Folder" property is greyed out.  Why can't I change the project folder?  I've change the name of the project and renamed the local folder but how can I change it in Visual Studio?  Thanks.
My solution with 2 projects has SourceSafe.  
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Gautham JanardhanCommented:
u will have to exclude that project from the solution

change the folder name or do what u want with the folder structure

then add it back.
>.. the "Project Folder" property is greyed out.
It is means that you not check out your project before and did all changes in explorer.
You need to sync your project again. /Look in menu File/Source Safe/
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Hi gauth, the project doesn't show up in the sourcesafe so how do I remove it?
Hi Alex, How do I sync this in SourceSafe?  Thank you.
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Hi lapucca,
It is pity, I can't write you it exactly because I haven't 2005 with SS.
Try to look for in menu File. Something related to SS. It must be the dialog where you can choose Sync or do it manually.
Second way.
If you store last project state correclty, then rename project in SS, delete it locally and get it again.

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lapuccaAuthor Commented:
Hi Alex,
I checked in the project and then deleted it in SS.  I then just want to save the solution but it still insist on lookin for the old directory under the solution.  The Property for Project folder is still grey out with the old folder name embedded in it.  Is there a way just to start over?  
It was the wrong way, at least not so easy. It needed to delete some files and correct some of its.
Try to do it again  (check in new project in SS) but
- do it direct from SS!!!
- check in only really needed files.
- look at the sln file for SS references.

As work out you can clear readonly state from all files.
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
I started over by removing the project from SS and make sure there's nothing in SS that refers to it.  I then remove the project form the solution, move the project directory to another temp folder.  I then added a new project and added back only the files that I needed.  It seems to be working so far except that the dataset file if having reference problem.  I added the datasetname.xsd to the project and it does shows up in the project but compiling error saying my code can not find the dataset and suggest that I might miss some reference i my the formname.Designer.cs file.  
I tried removing that dataset and created another one but that still doesn't work.  How can I fix this?  Thank you.
lapuccaAuthor Commented:
I created a brand new solution and add a project to it then slowly added the files back and created the dataset again.  It's now working.  Thank you.
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