Blackberry won't sync new back-dated calendar entries

I am an IT engineer with a reasonable amount of BES and Blackberry exposure. I recently reinstalled the BES onto a new server. Prior to the re-install all phones (includuing the one I am writing about) worked flawlessly.

All phones except one are now working flawlessly. The one phone that is not does everything perfectly except:

It will not synchronise (over the wire) a new appointment entered into Outlook that has a start time prior to the current time.

It is behaving exactly as though the setting under Advanced settings for the Calendar sync (in Blackberry Desktop Mgr) "Transfer only Future items" is ticked but I promise you it is not ticked.

Here is what has been done.

I verified that the "Sync all events" option is selected under the sync setting for the calendar.
I have wiped the handset and re-created the account on the BES (and re-activated handset).
I have wiped all the DESKTOP-related service books and re-sent.
I have checked that nothing in the default policy has been set.
I have uninstalled (and upgraded where possible) the BES, Desktop Manager and handheld software.

When the handset is activated, it downloads all calendar entries (past and future) but from then on it will only sync new post-dated calendar entries from Outlook to the handheld.

Just to give you some scenarios:

Blackberry to Desktop

A new appointment created in the past synchronises.
A new appointment created in the future synchronises.

Desktop to Blackberry

A new appointment created in the past does NOT synchronise.
A new appointment created in the future does synchronise.
Modifying an appointment on the desktop that was synchronised causes the deletion of the appointment from the blackberry.

Version info:

BES for Exchange v4.1.3.18
MS Exchange 2003
Blackberry 7100g Software v4.1.0.351
Desktop Manager v4.2.1.8

No event log error are being logged. It just doesn't even try and send past-dated appointments from Outlook to the handheld.

2.5 hours with RIM support in Canada yielded no results.

I honestly cannot think of another thing to try. My searches have yielded noone with a similar problem.

Any ideas?
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1) See if there is a firmware pdate for the BB device.

2) can yo do a manual push of the calendar from Exchange to the BB device via the desktop mnager, just to see if it works ?

I hope this helps !
ALso, try checking and then unchecking the

"Transfer only Future items" option.

ALso you might want to capture the registry changes caused by this and compare the registry setting with a working and non-working device.

Maybe the registry is not updating due to corruption or user  permissions.

I hope this helps !

fiendish1Author Commented:
Thanks for the feedback.

The problem solved itself. It appeared that I was unable to change any calendar entries prior to when the BES was installed. I am now able to create and modify past calendar entries (as long as I dont go prior to the BES install date).

I am unsure why this seemed to only affect one handheld.

Strangely simple.
Glad to hear it resolved itself.

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