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My husband plays the game Diablo and will not let me reformat his computer because he does not want to lose the progress he's made in the game so far.  Would anyone know how to save the game and the profiles for the game?  So that when we reformat he doesn't have to start over as if he just bought it ?
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I can say that you could go into program files and find the Diablo folder, right click
and compress it into a ZIP file. Then copy it to a CD if it is not to big. Then once you
have Windows reinstalled, you would reinstall the game again from the CD, and then
unzip the original game folder, and put it in place of the newly installed version.

With that said, I only offer this because I do not know enough about Diablo to give
you another option. I play some games as well, but I know exactly which files store
user profiles and game progress data.

Go to a Diable Fan website, and post a question there, asking what the names of the
User settings profile & Game progress data are.. You should get a pretty quick answer!
It could also save you the trouble of having to zip the WHOLE Diablo folder!

Either way, simply copying the Diablo folder to a CD(s) and then dropping on the newely
formatted drive will not be enough. Make sure you go through the original install process to
make sure all registry entries are in place.

May I ask why you feel the need to reformat? Is something hosed up, or does the machine
just seem to be running slower? What triggered you urge to Start over from scratch?
About once a week, someone posts a question on the DSF about how to backup/restore characters or transfer
characters to another system. Actually, since the 1.08 patch came out, there have been a rash of questions. Here is a
fairly comprehensive set of answers.

I get round this by having a slaved hdd well 3 actually, install diablo to the slaved hdd and any other programs, each slaved hdd has for example
movies/music on one
games on another
 emails store folder  personal files etc on the other
this way whenever I format they are intact and all I do is create a shortcut from the games folder.
You can even buy another hdd now plug it in while unpowered of course add it either behind the master hdd or plug into the cdrom ide connector then using windowsxp disc manager in control panel administrative tools computer manager disc manager
 format the slaved hdd and create a partition. then move everything over to slave.

Another idea is to uninstall diable then it asks if you want to keep the saved games?

and finally to answer your question look here
10.2 Save files
In single player, you can save (and must save) your game whenever you want. The save files are stored in the Diablo/Hellfire folder and can easily be transferred to other computers

Diablo II Backup Tool;10028;/fileinfo.html

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Smcf4Author Commented:

To be totally honest the reason I decided to start over is my mother-n-law presented me with a problem I wasn't sure how to take care of and found that this might be my only option.  I recently worked on a project for my brother ( setting up an accounting program for him )  One day I am approached by my mother n law telling me that on her desktop is the project I had recently worked on .  Knowing that I did not in any way shape or form put it on her computer ( I rarely go to her house )  I know for a fact my husband and children did not do this ( it would involve too much computer knowledge on their part to get this done )  the only reasoning I can think of that this might be happening is a remote something like a desktop remote program linking the two computers together?  I know a little amount about computers more than anyone in my family and I am learning more daily from sites such as this one BUT I do not know how to control another computer remotely.  I decided to get rid of this problem that reformatting the only computer in our home that has the accounting project on it would be the solution.  I am also going to wipe her drive and format  hers when she goes on vaction. I am hoping however this came to be formatting them will solve it.  

As I said my husband didn't want to give up his game and his progress he has made in it.  I tried several times going to the cdrive and saving the file/folder out of programs file and replacing it but apparently I was doing something wrong.  

I am pleased to know they have a backup tool that will help make the backup easier to deal with.

Thank you to the both of you for trying to help.
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Smcf4D there is another solution, you can remove this hdd and buy a new hdd, install their windows on the new hdd same as formatting really, then put this hdd in as a slaved hd, his game will be intact, you can even use the drivers and import the emails dbx
delete anything else you dont want or just keep it as a spare.
I find this really is a simple way to get a new windows without losing anything.
if you would like a step by step how to do this let me this.
Having a spare hdd with a fully functioning windows is very handy.

Smcf4Author Commented:

I am very interested in learning how to do this.   Can you possibly give me instructions. It would save me countless hours of work in the end.  
Hello Smcf4: sorry for the delay I am always on the grave yard shift so may be a little late responding,
How may I assist you with the slaving a hdd, its really easy  the most important key in doing this proceedure is to pull out that power plug degauze yourself then there shoudl be no problems.
I woudl be very happy to give you a step by step, even pictures if i can get hold of them,

what i need to know from you is your computer a desktop or laptop?<< <<please
How much experience do you have as I woul like you to be comfortable doing this.
I have diablo too so many cd.

Thank you Smcf4:
I havent forgoton you.
here's how to install a hdd as slave save them to your favs.

Be sure the computer is shutdown and disconnected from the wall socket.
 Step Two Remove the computer cover.
Step Three Touch a metal part of the computer to ground yourself, or use a grounding strap.
Step Four Locate the ribbon cable connected to the existing hard drive.
Step Five Change the master/slave designation of the second hard drive (see Related eHows).
Step Six Connect the second hard drive to the second connector on the cable (colored strip should be closest to the power cable). If the cable does not have a second connector, replace it with one that does, or use a second ribbon cable to attach the second hard drive to the motherboard (if a second drive port is available).
Step SevenConnect an available power cable to the hard drive.
Step Eight Insert the hard drive into an available drive bay and secure with screws.
Step Nine Replace the computer cover.
Power in again boot, wait wait windows will load displaying found new hardware, wait.
Then you will see a new  drive letter >hdd in my computer looks a little like this but less
It will be given the drive letter E:\  probably after your C:\ drive Cd/dvdrom D:\
 You can now save off your files to C drive and format it if you want, to check the hdd look in control administrative tools computer management disc manager.
you can move your emails store folder to D drive now too.
Regards M

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