The Wireless Internet Network. The signal Strength is very low. How to do it better?


I have Wireless Internet Network. The signal Strength is very low. How to do it better?

Thanks a lot.
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A couple of things you can do would be to reposition your access point/ wireless router, or buy a better wireless NIC. Please let us know what kind of access point/router you have and what kind of wireless NIC.
If you need coverage over a larger area you can always add another access point, but depending on how you do it, it usually needs to be compatible with your first one.

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In my experience, the kind of wireless adapter you use can make a difference. An external USB adapter is not usually as good at finding a signal as a PCI w/less card. Similarly, the built-in ada[pters in many laptops vary enormously in how well they pick up.
The router you are using will also make a difference.  Like pkutter says, what is the spec of your system?
mb4everAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot Mr. pkutter and Mr phototropic.

My router is :
office connect ADSL Wireless 54Mbps 11g Firewall Router

I am using USB :
Light Wave
Wireless-G USB Dongle
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The USB Dongles are about the worst for signal strength. If you have a desktop you find a PCI card with a big antenna. Linksys wireless PCI cards aren't bad. If you have a laptop you could try a PCMCIA card or a USB wireless card, just remember usually the bigger the antenna the better the signal strength you'll get.
First, run diagnostic to test your wireless network:

Second, use tips in link see you can make improvements for wireless signal:
mb4everAuthor Commented:
Thanks Mr pkutter,

but I have Wireless Router. How could I use PCI card? It should put inside SIM card ! We have home router.

I have Sierra Card. Do you mean it ?

Thanks Mr PUNKY,

I am trying your sites now :) thanks a lot.

I have Sierra Card. Do you mean it ? ... are you using satellite wireless network from Verizon, etc. ?
Do you have a laptop or desktop PC?

-PCI Cards are standard expansions cards that go into desktop PCs. They make PCI Cards for many different purposes. Some of those purposes are to add wireless network, or wired Network, or to add more USB ports to your computer. The linksys wireless card  that I mentioned would take the place of your Light Wave Wireless-G USB Dongle.

Like Punky suggested it sounds like you have 2 different types of wireless technologies that you may be using. The sierra card is used for connecting your laptop directly to a cell phone tower or satellite (I'm not sure which). The other technology that Punky and I had assumed at first is much shorter range at up to about 300ft and uses the wireless router. Can you confirm which type you are having the problem with?

If it is the Sierra Card you are having problems with I copied the following info from this site.

The removable antenna has another benefit, too.  You can swap the on-card antenna for a remote antenna, and then run a coax cable from the remote antenna to the card, giving you (potentially) a much stronger signal, meaning more range and faster data transfers.
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