Create PDF's dynamically using PHP / MySQL / Dreamweaver

I'm using PHP, MySQL, and Dreamweaver to put together a web site. I have a couple of pages that I would like to create dynamically (via php/MySQL) so that they can be printed as promotional pieces. How is this done? is there any 3rd party software to do this? These are full color graphics. 4 or 5 pictures that need to be of decent quality, but they need to be dynamic. Any thoughts?
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TeRReFConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's a couple of links that should help you further:
adrake9Author Commented:
I've read through the devzone tutorial briefly, Is it possible to use images and other graphic elements in this process?
adrake9Author Commented:
I think this might be something above my own capabilities. Im looking for something geared towards a novice.
Jason C. LevineConnect With a Mentor No oneCommented:
Hi adrake9,

You are going to be better off in the long run learning the commands that TeRRef linked you to...the only way you move on from being a novice is to learn new things :)

However, if you really want to download something and run with it, try:

Be warned that the above has some rather severe limitations (CSS support is really spotty) but it will work if you scale your expectations downward.  It it moderately easy to install and use compared to learning the PDFlib() commands.
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