Linux as a Gateway Mailserver

we have domain  web hosted in US. It has all our website data, mails & FTP being managed by them. Now our requirement is to have the local mail server implemented here in our lan, which fetches mails from our US server & propagates to all users here. The same local server has to be used to send mails from here to the US server & then it delivers to the other mail boxes.

Please suggest me  , what configurations are required to do the above project in the linux , prefer the sendmail as a MTA , please also give me the documents that can help me , like how to's .

Thanks in advance.
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TheKeyboardSlayerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A Good way to do this with support (that's affordable mind you) is to use ClarkConnect Linux.  It's built on top of RHEL and the company is a fantastic open source contributor (with upstream patches and with their open source edition release for home users).  The license for their professional server can be had for right around 100 dollars.

I've found no other way to setup an operating mail server in a shorter amount of time nor one that is as dependable and secure.

For info on the previous version of ClarkConnect, I did a review on the home version on my blog here:

If you want to point and click your configuration and have support (which most businesses find desireable) then clarkconnect is the way to go.
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