help me get some glue records in my bind9 dns (please :-) )

I've set up a name server that answers for a few domains, using bind9.

it seems I dont have any 'glue' records, and apparently, these are important. I thought I had glue records by simply referencing the ns address, and its ip address in my zone files, but turns out thats not right.

soo obvious question.. how do I get my self some glue records?

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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Your reverse zone doesn't seem right to me.

Should be  PTR  PTR    PTR  PTR

If you had defined a zone called, then you could leave it the way you have it.  I don't think you can claim to be authoritative for that zone though...  but reverse-lookup PTR's have to have that TLD tacked on the end of the reversed-order IPv4.

As to glue records, they should only be necessary when you have a subordinate zone server and your higher-level server refers the lookup to the subordinate zone server - the "glue" record would point to the subordinate zone server's IP address instead of its name, so it doesn't have to look itself up (the dreaded recursive lookup.)

What's happening is the TLD servers authoritative to the .info zone apparently don't have glue records for your name servers.  Makes me wonder if whoever is providing your name services isn't registering your name servers to the root servers or something.  Not sure how it works with those new TLD's, if it changed at all...  if your ISP is supposed to be acting as a tier 2 name service provider for the .info zone, then they've dropped the ball - provided you actually registered those name servers as name servers authoritative for the zone.
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
yep - i still don't understand how from that I can come up with a glue record... though it is good to have me suspicion that something like this was occurring...

so a great many registrys dont provide facility for entering an ip address as well as a name for the dns - godaddy chief among them, although in this instance its another registrar. So what is it this article is actually telling me to do? i.e. what is the equivilent to ''.

the name server Im trying to glue is

its registrar allows me to provide a number and an ip address - is this not the 'glue' record?
if not (or with registrars that dont provide this ) what is the glue and how/where to i set it up?

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pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
can you paste in here the zone file please
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
forward zone:
$TTL 402400       ; 1 hour
@                IN                300 SOA (
                2007040200      ;serial
                1200        ; refresh
                7200        ; retry (4 minutes 10 seconds)
                1209600   ; expire (2 weeks)
                172800       ; minimum (1 hour)
;name server:I
                                IN      NS
                                IN      NS
                                IN MX 10          IN      A         IN      A
mail            IN      A
www             CNAME
workshop1       IN      A
ns              IN      A
ns2             IN      A

reverse zone:
$TTL 804800
@               300     SOA (
                2007040200      ;serial
                86400           ;refresh 24 h
                7200            ;retry 2h
                3600000         ;expire,100h
                172800          ;minimum 2 days

        NS  PTR  PTR    PTR  PTR
pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ok you have more that 1 error

i think

dont have you in the zone
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
yep - ive just removed it

have found a few errrors - am working through that list now to try and solve things as i go - I guess it would be smartest for me to complete that - and see if I still have an issue.

but if look at one of the domains I answer for with dnsreport, say

Note, the 'no glue' comments next to ns and ns2 ?

Your NS records at the parent servers are: [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [ (NO GLUE)] [US]
[These were obtained from]


Where should that be addressed - at the delegation of, or else where?

pablouruguayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i see that you have 2 servers with no glue but is not your servers... you have a Glue in the last one.. that is your server... [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [NO GLUE; No A record] [] [TTL=86400] [US]

valhallatechAuthor Commented:
ok - i've cleaned lots of errors up and getting much better results...
this is what I get when I run through dnsreport

Your NS records at the parent servers are: [ (NO GLUE)] [US] [ (NO GLUE)] [US]
[These were obtained from]

its still tells me that and has "(NO GLUE)" - any idea why, or how to remedy it?
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
btw - the affore mentioned ref to and velocityserver has been clean up, but it may take 24hrs or so to be recognised
add this lines please and restart named.

valhalla         IN      A
IN      A

valhallatechAuthor Commented:
hmmm... am a bit confused...
add them to which? the zone?

the 2nd line in particular seems to cause this error:

 zone has no NS records
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
anyone know how I can get my dns to 'have' a glue record?
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
re Reverse Zone:
The zone file with the PTR records is called "" - is that what you mean by 'defined zone called" ?

re glue:
before I make sense of everything you said, can I qualify this:
"provided you actually registered those name servers as name servers authoritative for the zone."

When you say 'registered those name servers as name servers authoritative'... I have, at the registrar site, delegates the name servers for to be, and and provided IP numbers for that delegation - is that the same thing?

valhallatechAuthor Commented:
Should I be using my hosting providers dns to point to my name servers to break any circular reference?

To me that begs the question - what does the host provider, or if applicable his provider do to resolve this?
ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The reverse-lookup zone  always ends in, but it has no hostname in it - just the reversed subnet that defines the zone.

For example, you could have a zone called "" and in your zone file have

151    PTR

but you wouldn't be able to put any other of your listed addresses in that zone.

If you have a zone called "" you could have  PTR  PTR    PTR


because the zone would append itself to the address for the lookup, resulting in

Reverse-lookup must resolve the full reverse-notation IP address plus the to a qualified host name.
If I do a reverse lookup on now, I get:

Results resolves to
Top Level Domain: ""

Which isn't any of the names you have listed...

As to the "registered" question, I could be mistaken, but you registered the names and delegates with the registrar, but I don't know that that necessarily delegates authority to those servers...  It's been a couple of years but back when I was working with public DNS and ISPs and registrars what I had to work with was getting the second-tier authoritative for the .com zone (my ISP) to register the delegation of name services for the domain "" so the entries I put in would propagate eventually through the root servers...

I was under the impression that you couldn't just arbitrarily create NS records without the second-tier authoritative for the zone within your subnet registering the delegation.  I could be mistaken.  Time fades memory...  

Looking at the dnsreport, I think you have bigger fish to fry than the glue record thing.  In fact, dnsreport says that
"This is perfectly acceptable behavior per the RFCs. This will usually occur if your DNS servers are not in the same TLD as your domain"

However, it's saying that the parent servers aren't providing A records that correspond to the NS records.  Again, the "parent" servers, not your DNS servers.  Goes back to what I was saying about the delegation from a second-tier name service provider...

Check with dnsreport after your TTL expires and see what's still red.  It's possible that the A record thing isn't propagated through to the parent servers, and the "glue" will appear, but if not, then it goes back to the delegation...
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
re reverse: Thanks ShineOn - i didnt realise any of that re the reverse zone... just as a btw, the reason the reverse comes up as a different host is that this box is 'multihomed'... im not specifically sure, why that name wins over the others, but perhaps I should configure the dns services provided by that box to be that host, not

DNS is simply _the_ sliperiest, most ambiguous, elusive topic i've come across - Im not sure if its because no-one actually knows anything, or if the terms just lack concise definition, or its necessarily this complex.

I'll close this topic now, and spend some time reviewing this material and seeing what checks out and what I need to revisit with more questions.

Just 1 thing though - the term 'parent server' seems to be used very broardly.... in dns terms, what are we talking about? the delgating server? then server for the domain above?, the server with the glue record? something completely other?

thanks both of you for your contributions
In terms of DNS, in this particular context, it's the DNS server that has authority to delegate subordinate zones, that sits as the intermediary between the child zone master and the root servers.  The server the root servers pass the referrals to for resolution of the child zones.  If that makes sense.

In a private LAN domain the parent would be the server that is zone master for the high level domain, say for example mycompany.lan - and has delegated a subordinate zone - division1.mycompany.lan - to another server as master for the subordinate zone.

It is a slippery topic with more twists than Chubby Checker - and it keeps evolving...

Microsoft did nobody any favors by complicating the hell out of it as part of kludging it on top of the old NT4 domains to make it look from the outside like an x.500 structure...

DNS is related to x.500 in that it's got a hierarchy, but it's not intended as a Directory Service - just a name-to-address provider to make TCP/IP more "friendly."  It grew beyond that, and AD makes it a twisted hell.
valhallatechAuthor Commented:
well MS have never been as big on doing favours as they have been at making life a twisted hell - thanks shine on - above and beyond

I'm having trouble mapping what you're saying to my situation... but i'll open another question about parent servers in next 12 hrs or so, if your interested to follow this through and pick up more points

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