AutoCAD 2007 freezing up laptop when not connected to domain

I am running AutoCAD 2007 on a laptop. when im connected to our domain i can open and close AutoCAD 2007 fine, but when im not connected to the network and run my laptop off site and i open autocad it tends to lock my system up, as if it is searching for network drives. It does not recover from this and i have to restart my laptop.

Has anyone got any ideas on this subject?
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"Type MBUTTONPAN at the bottom of the AutoCAD window where it says Command:"
you know victorus, we forgot about the new dynamic entry option that is probably set up by default on the peach's system.
therefore the "command line" probably isnt there, doh! or is there, but you just cant see it untill you start typing.

peach, if youre still having issues and you havent found the command line, try this.
just start typing and watch where your crosshairs are and see if you get something, try the mbuttonpan command or even "commandline" and see if it will bring the old commandline up.

to get the dynamic command line:
on the bottom of the acad window there is a "tools" flyout button. open the flyout and make sure the "dyn" option is on.

That link I posted is probably too out of date for issues like that, my bad. The help files would probably be a better option.

Anyway, have you gotten anywhere on this?
I'd go see at the 'Tools' pulldown menu > 'Option' > 'Files' tab

Look at the first path listed there, it should be 'Support File Search Path'. Expand it.
For a plain autocad you should see paths to:


Are those search paths pointing to files located in the laptop?
I think they may be pointing to files located on your network.
peachplcAuthor Commented:
I have checked these areas and they all point to the local disk of the workstation itself. Do you have any other ideas about this.
Also, I think this is a minor issue but this machine has a scroll mouse with it but the scroll part is unable to zoom in and out when using autocad, but with other machines the same mouse can.
Any ideas on that one as well?

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Well, that was my take on it :o/
I guess i can add; be sure that the local paths you see are above any network path that may be there because autocad will try to use the 1st one it finds, so if you see local paths, but there is a network path above it, Autocad will not use the local one.

As for the mouse issue, check if there is no inherent settings from the mouse software at the Windows control panel that may hinder autocad to apply its own settings.

Good luck!
dhsindyRetired considering supplemental income.Commented:
I would say you have a license issue with your company license server.  See you administrator about putting the necessary file on your laptop.

On the mouse issue there is a system variable called "MBUTTONPAN" that controls some of the wheel behavior.  Type it on the command line - valid settings are 0 or 1.  That is the only mouse control I am aware of in AutoCAD.  Like techn125 stated see the configuration settings for the mouse in Control Panel.
peachplcAuthor Commented:
I will try these solutions and let you know the outcome ASAP
peachplcAuthor Commented:
i cant find the "MBUTTONPAN" and the mouse is all configured correctly inthe control panel.
I think i might just uninstall and re-install, unless you have any other ideas?
You just have to type MBUTTONPAN at the command prompt.
Toggle on/off by entering 1 or 0.
peachplcAuthor Commented:
hi, i type that into a command prompt and it does nothing, it says invalid command
peachplcAuthor Commented:
from the command promt if i type in mbuttonpan all i get back is the following
'mbuttonpan' is not recognised as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

Am i right in running this from the windows command prompt? I am very new to autocad so if im being stupid anywhere just point it out because on any machine i go to with autocad installed this command does not work.

versions installed on the machines are as follows:
AutoCAD LT2005, LT2006 and LT2007

I have looked on the net and seen something about the mouse itself, yet this works on other machines so i cant really see the issue with that.


Hey Peach,
You really need to get familiar with the acad gui. check this link out and study it well.
Then you will probably be able to fix your mouse issue, with tech's advice.
Your original question is most likely a license issue like tech said, you need to get with your IT dept. and see if they can give you a portable license if you need to work off site.

good luck
peachplcAuthor Commented:

I will re-install the software and check that website out, and i will let you know how it goes

Wrong command prompt. Type MBUTTONPAN at the bottom of the AutoCAD window where it says Command:

AutoCAD will respond with:
Enter new value for MBUTTONPAN <0>:

Enter a "1" and press Enter. That will take care of the mouse thing.

Your slow-down problem (often a lockup) is not that unusual with Acad. 07. I think that it is caused from AutoCAD trying to populate the RECENT FILES for it's menu lookup and those recent files are on your network, I have not tried this, but there are a number of shortcuts created by AutoCAD that are stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Vic Williams\Application Data\Autodesk\AutoCAD 2008\R17.1\enu\Recent and the directories there. If you delete all of these shortcuts AutoCAD will not "pre-load" all of your network drawing lists of recent files and may make AutoCAD start and run properly. I can say that I have erased the shortcuts to the DWG files and it did not pose any problems.

Good Luck
That's right norrin-rad. But how can users live without a command line? For that matter at least three lines visable in the command line history. I also use a tablet PC without a mouse or keyboard but I still use the command line....


So let's do it a different way. Go to and right click on mb.lsp. Use the SAVE TARGET AS option to save this to somewhere on your hard disk. In AutoCAD go to the menu TOOLS, then AUTOLISP, then LOAD APPLICATION. Browse to the location that you saved mb.lsp and click on it and then click on LOAD. Then click CLOSE. You should then have confirmation that MBUTTONPAN is set to 1 instead of 0.

That should do the mouse thing. Now about the original question...

peachplcAuthor Commented:
Aaahhhhhh it makes sense now, thanks norrin_radd and victorus,  i will try these tomorrow
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