visual studio 6.0 compiling error

i have the following visual studio 6.0 compiling error, pls explain. thanks

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "..\..\VC98\Lib\USER32.LIB"
Error executing link.exe.

AIDemo1.exe - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)
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Make sure that the library is linked to correctly.

Check if it can be found in "..\..\VC98\Lib\USER32.LIB" (starting from your project directory).

Check the project settings for the linker options.
Your program is trying to link to a library file that it cannot find at the specified location.  Search your machine for USER32.lib, and, when you find the folder that it is located in, add it to your project settings->linker->additional dependencies tab, displayed via tools->options.

cannot open file "..\..\VC98\Lib\USER32.LIB"

The sub folder VC98\Lib conatins a user32.lib.

You need to specify the 'absolute' path of VC98\Lib, e. g. C:\Program Files\MS VisualStudio\VC98\lib, in Tools - Options - Directories - Library Directories.

Normally these are filled with installation of VC6. I assume you moved your installation to a different folder and didn't change the settings acordingly. If so, better reinstall cause there are a lot of other folders too that you need to specify differently.

Regards, Alex
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>>>> add it to your project settings->linker->additional dependencies

The 'additional dependencies' are for third party libraries or own libraries only. The include, exe, source and library paths that came with VC6 installation should be defined in Tools - Options - Directories so that they are valid for all projects.
suojuAuthor Commented:
unfortunately, none of your advice works.
>> unfortunately, none of your advice works.

Where is the USER32.LIB library on your file system ?
What are the project linker settings for your project ?
Where is your project located in the file system ?
Do you have the same problem with all projects, or just with this one ?
>>>> unfortunately, none of your advice works

So many questions asked and such a poor feedback ...

does the file user32.lib exist?
if no  reinstall VC6
if yes
     does it exist in the vc98\lib folder?
     if no copy it to that folder (or reinstall VC6)
     if yes
          starting from the folder where your project.dsp is located
          go up to parent folder, go up to parent folder
          does the folder VC98\lib exist and is it the one that contains user32.lib ?
          if no add the absolute path of the vc98\lib path to
               Tools -Option - Directories - Library Paths
               check if path already exists
                      if yes user32.lib most likely is corrupt. Reinstall VC6.
                      if no add it and rebuild all.
          if yes user32.lib most likely is corrupt. Reinstall VC6.

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suojuAuthor Commented:
after i delete the error lib file from my project, it can run without error.

thanks any way.
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