Domain issues for server 2003/2000

I have 2 servers, one is windows server 2003 and the other is 2000, what i am trying to do is get them both on the same domain but the problem is, they both have to have active directory users and computers on them so that i can lock out certain files and give permissions to people, is it possible to make server 2003 run off 2000's domain and also be a file server? if so, how do i make it so they are both on the same domain? please explain simply cause i'm not used to doing this kind of thing. Thank you.
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If I'm understanding you correctly, you want to add your Windows Server 2003 computer as a file server to your Windows 2000 domain.

If this is what you are trying to do, you can add the 2003 server to the 2000 domain as a member server - you can do this using the netdom command-line utility or on the Network Identification tab when you right-click on My Computer and select Properties.

Hope this helps.

Laura E. Hunter - Microsoft MVP: Windows Server - Networking

StrategicGnomerAuthor Commented:
yes but it's set as a domain controller somehow and setting to another domain wont work just like that, i need to set it as not a domain controller but have the abilities of one or so it seems cause i need to use active directory and be able to give permissions to other users.
Are you saying that the two servers are configured as DCs in separate domains?  Is this the intended configuration? If it is not, you can either use the dcpromo tool to "de-promote" the 2003 server so that it is no longer a domain controller, or use the Active Directory Migration Tool ( to consolidate the two domains into a single domain.

If the two servers are DCs in separate domains and this is the intended configuration, you can configure a trust relationship between them so that you can grant permissions for DomainA\UserA to a resource in DomainB, and vice versa:
StrategicGnomerAuthor Commented:
I want them to be the same domain but i want to be able to set permissions on both computers. I.e. use active directory on both but have them on one domain.
In that case you have two options which I've already outlined:

[1] Use dcpromo to demote one of the DCs to member server status and then join it to the other domain as a member server. You can then apply permissions to resources on the member server using AD users and groups from a single domain.

[2] Use the Active Directory Migration Tool (URL included in an earlier comment) to collapse the two domains into one. You can then apply permissions to resources on the member server using AD users and groups from a single domain.


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