typed dataset, possible If-Then in query

In typed dataset - tableadapter query I would like to use an if-then sql query statement but I can't seem to get it to work.   Not even sure if it's poss at all.
Anyway, my straight sql code sofar isn't accepted by the query builder:

IF (@prg_id = 2)
SELECT CAST(grp_no AS varchar) + '.0' + CAST(itm_no AS varchar) + '  ' + CAST(grp_type AS varchar) + '  ' + CAST(itm_desc AS varchar) AS Combi, itm_id
FROM v_Items_Groups WHERE (itm_end > GETDATE()) AND (prg_id = @prg_id )
SELECT CAST(grp_no AS varchar) + '.' + CAST(itm_no AS varchar) + '  ' + CAST(grp_type AS varchar) + '  ' + CAST(itm_desc AS varchar) AS Combi, itm_id
FROM v_Items_Groups WHERE (itm_end > GETDATE()) AND (prg_id = @prg_id)

error :
The Compound statement SQL construct or statement is not supported.

Is this solvable ?

I know I can create more query's and do a Select Case in the VB code of the originating page but this would be just a bit more flex.
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why not put that in a SQL view or stored procedure and bind to the view/sproc?

also, I'd add the BEGIN/END to the else statement.
RonaldZaalAuthor Commented:
Hi whityum,
I have this datatable- tableadapter config and use it widely in the app allready and would like to solve it with an If - Then in the query.
Other solutions I know are poss but I'm wondering if the above would go.
- add the BEGIN/END to the else statement, indeed, but doesn't change the error  :-)
what does the rest of the query look like?  is that a subselect or what?
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RonaldZaalAuthor Commented:
uhh, that's the whole query.  Does it look so bad ?  
i just thought there was more.   i wonder if the table adapter won't support it because it's updateable and you couldn't update based on that query

have you tried using a sqldataadapter or IDataReader instead of the table adapter to bind it to?

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RonaldZaalAuthor Commented:
that's possible but when you create a new query for your table adapter you may specify if it's a Select, an Update etc.  As this is only a select it should be possible to use some more complex SQL statement in it.
But then again, maybe not....  
RonaldZaalAuthor Commented:
Decided a while ago to do a workaround.
Still value your input whityum.
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