T1 network reliability.

Can T1 solve the network connection problem between computer connected through DSL line?
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Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIICommented:
Yes, a Point to Point T1 is a great deal more stable then a DSL line. You can hover do some tweaking to the routers at both ends to make the DSL much more stable, but it will never be as stable as a T1 is.

Are you running a VPN bewteen the two location?

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Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIICommented:

However not hover. (Need coffee)
Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIICommented:
Man, (Need much more coffee)
between not bewteen.
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Michael FrederickRegional IT Manager IIICommented:
I have one client that is running DSL connection to three location using a Business DSl and Watchgaurd firewall with a VPN tunnel in place. It is pretty stable, but I tweaked the routers a little to keep it that way. I have another client that has Point to Point T1s to all its locations and we never have any connnections issues. Excepted when Ma Bell sticks their finger in the closet.
you are looking at alot more expense which im sure you know for the t1 line upgrade
What exactly do you mean by "network connection problem"?
AiyshaAuthor Commented:
The problem was the mapped drive was getting disconnected. One article in microsoft database resolved my problem.
I dont want to give point to anyone, but I dont know how to close the ticket without giving points. Administrator please close this ticket.

Thank you.
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