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Posted on 2007-04-02
Last Modified: 2010-04-25
The db we are pulling from stores only network paths for pictures. Is it possible to display a picture on the page from a network path? How?
Question by:adraughn
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 18838137
Hi adraughn,

Display them where?  If the network path exists locally and not on the web server, you cannot display the pics by using that path.  You would need to provide some additional scripting to translate the path to the correct web server path.

In order to better answer this we need more information on how your site is set up and what the various paths are.
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Author Comment

ID: 18838231
the pictures need to be displayed on the report. i am the programmer that setup the db. i am attempting to help the web guys on resolving this issue.

i created a view that they access to pull in records for the report that they display on the page. they are currently using strSQL = my sql statement to pull in data. i need them to show the pictures for the report as well, BUT i store network paths, not the pictures in the table.

In my front end app, i just create a frame on the form/report and use this code:

Me![ImageFrame_1].Picture = Me![ImagePath_1]

to show the picture from the network path. Is it possible to do something similar in a dreamweaver report?
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 18838299
Dreamweaver produces web pages, not reports.  I'm not at all sure what you are trying to do here...
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Author Comment

ID: 18838347
it is a page that is created. they bring in the data via my sql statements and create tables to view the data on the page. here is some code from one of our other reports:
(in this case cnum is the textbox on the page where the user enters the job number or order number.

<%Option Explicit%>
<!--#include file=""-->
<!--#include file="Connect.asp"-->

 Dim objConn
 Dim rs
 Dim strRes
 Dim strSQL

 if request.form("cnum")<>"" then

                  strSQL = "SELECT * FROM vwWEB WHERE JobLogID = " & request.form("cnum")

                  strSQL = "SELECT * FROM vwWEB WHERE JobLogID = 0"
 end if

 Set objConn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
 Set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")

 objConn.Open strConnect
 rs.Open strSQL, objConn, adOpenForwardOnly, adLockReadOnly, adCmdText
 strRes = "<table border=""0"" width=""400"">"
 Do While Not rs.EOF
 strRes = strRes & "<td>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("JobLogID") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("Customer") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("SpindleType") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("ContactDt") & "</tr><br><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("OrderType") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("MachineSN") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("Status") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("ShipDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("ReturnDescrip") & "</tr><br><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("ShipVia") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("TrackingNum") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("FinishedDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("PromisDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("RecdDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("CoreDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "<tr><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("PromiseDt") & "</tr><br>"
 strRes = strRes & "</td>"
 strRes = strRes & "</table>"      
 Set rs = Nothing
 Set objConn = Nothing

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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 18838450
What does an image path look like in the DB?

Also, the table code above is screwed up.  There is an opening table tag, then a td tag, THEN a tr tag.  That isn't good.

The loop lines should all look like this:

strRes = strRes & "<tr><td><font face=""sans-serif"">" & rs("JobLogID") & "</td></tr>"

Lose the <td> and </td> lines at the very top and bottom.

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Author Comment

ID: 18838554
that wasn't actually the code we finished with. it was some that they sent me during development.

in the db, it looks like this:
\\MyServer\Optimum\Spindle\Spindle_DataBase\Pictures\Linked Pictures\raZweig_1.jpg
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Expert Comment

by:Jason C. Levine
ID: 18838629
Do the pictures reside on the web server?  What's the path there?  

My guess is you will have to code a translation from the above path to the correct server path.  Ask your web guys what the correct image path will be.
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Author Comment

ID: 18838747
the pictures are not on the web server and my table is updated constantly by users adding reports with pictures. Suggestions?


is the path where all of the pictures should go if theya re to reside on the web server.

thanks for your help,

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Accepted Solution

Jason C. Levine earned 500 total points
ID: 18838787
>> Suggestions?

Well, the photos need to be uploaded to the server if this is at all going to work.  I would create a batch file to copy the \\MyServer\Optimum\Spindle\Spindle_DataBase\Pictures\Linked Pictures\ to \\MyServer\Teardown every so often.

You need to know the correct image src tag structure for the web.  Assuming \Teardown is the site root, the correct call would be:

<img src="raZweig_1.jpg">

So you need to write some code that removes \\MyServer\Optimum\Spindle\Spindle_DataBase\Pictures\Linked Pictures\ from the path after the DB returns it.

Better yet, don't store the whole path...just the image file name.

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Author Comment

ID: 18838840
i can do that with a sql sp and pull it into the view. so if i do that and create a bat to copy the pics over a few times a day, he will be able to pull the pictures in. (you're my hero)

Keep the lookout for more points, I am sure that my web guys are going to have questions.

thanks again.


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