adding scrolling text in access

Where is the activex/ole scrolling text. Spent too much time just looking for it in the tools box addins in access. It may be it is not included? If not how do I get it with access 2003

I just twant to simply add a text box in access with scrolling text.
Does it have a different name than simply "scrolling text"?

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just use this code on your form's OnTimer event. set your Timer Interval to 120.


Sub Form_Timer()
Me.lblMyMessage.Caption = Scrolltext("Your Text")
         ' IDLEMINUTES determines how much idle time to wait for before
         ' running the IdleTimeDetected subroutine.
         Const IDLEMINUTES = 6
         Static PrevControlName As String
         Static PrevFormName As String
         Static ExpiredTime

         Dim ActiveFormName As String

         Dim ActiveControlName As String
         Dim ExpiredMinutes

         On Error Resume Next

         ' Get the active form and control name.
         ActiveFormName = Screen.ActiveForm.Name
         If Err Then
            ActiveFormName = "No Active Form"
            Err = 0
         End If

         ActiveControlName = Screen.ActiveControl.Name
            If Err Then
            ActiveControlName = "No Active Control"
            Err = 0
         End If

         ' Record the current active names and reset ExpiredTime if:
         '    1. They have not been recorded yet (code is running
         '       for the first time).
         '    2. The previous names are different than the current ones
         '       (the user has done something different during the timer
         '        interval).
         If (PrevControlName = "") Or (PrevFormName = "") _
           Or (ActiveFormName <> PrevFormName) _
           Or (ActiveControlName <> PrevControlName) Then

            PrevControlName = ActiveControlName
            PrevFormName = ActiveFormName
            ExpiredTime = 0
            ' ...otherwise the user was idle during the time interval, so
            ' increment the total expired time.
            ExpiredTime = ExpiredTime + Me.TimerInterval
         End If

         ' Does the total expired time exceed the IDLEMINUTES?
         ExpiredMinutes = (ExpiredTime / 1000) / 60
         If ExpiredMinutes >= IDLEMINUTES Then

            ' ...if so, then reset the expired time to zero...
            ExpiredTime = 0
            ' ...and call the IdleTimeDetected subroutine.
            IdleTimeDetected ExpiredMinutes
         End If
End Sub

Sub IdleTimeDetected(ExpiredMinutes)
    Application.Quit acSaveYes
End Sub

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note: not tested in 2k3.
and here is the function:

Public Static Function Scrolltext(Strfield As String) As String
'call from on timer event
Dim astr As Integer
Dim TextLen As Integer
   astr = astr + 1
   TextLen = Len(Strfield)
   If astr >= TextLen Then astr = 1
    Scrolltext = Mid([Strfield], astr, Len([Strfield])) & Left([Strfield], astr)
   End Function
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vstavAuthor Commented:
isnt there a control i can add from the toolbox in access? instead of doing it via code above
vstavAuthor Commented:
exactly adraughn: but i cant find that control in my toolbox so i can add it.where the h@ck is it????
is this a db that you created in access 2003? if not, you would have to convert it to have access to the tool, since it was not available in 2k.
'----------------------------For the Scrolling Text-------------------------
    Static strMsg As String, intLet As Integer, intLen  As Integer
    Dim strTmp As String
    Const TXTLEN = 100
    Me.TimerInterval = 10000
    If Len(strMsg) = 0 Then
        strMsg = Space(TXTLEN) & "Select an option and press Start!" ' & Space(TXTLEN) '& "More text to scroll" & Space(TXTLEN)
        intLen = Len(strMsg)
    End If
    intLet = intLet + 1
    If intLet > intLen Then intLet = 1
    strTmp = Mid(strMsg, intLet, TXTLEN)
    Me.lblScroll.Value = strTmp    '<----your label

will be added to an on_timer event for a form.
by the way, that control can only be used in a data access page. so if you want to use scrolling text on anything else, you will have to use the code provided.

vstavAuthor Commented:
well thats the problem. I want it in a simple access database client, not dap.
therefore it can only be done  through code above??
my code or jeff's. let us know if you have any issues.

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