Getting error: 3ds Max applcation has stopped working , in Vista Ultimate

I installed 3Ds Max 9 on my PC that is running Windows Vista Ultimate.  Everytime I try to run the program it pops up an error saying the "3ds max application has stopped working" and it then prompts me to close the program.  This all happens before the program even opens.  I have installed SP1 as well as HotFix 2 and it has not fixed the problem.   Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks
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i'm somewhat puzzeled by the sp1 installed, does Vista have a sp1?
your not alone seems to be a problem with Vista
3Dsmax9 does not work in vista yet.
 it seems like it worked in the early betas, but after a copuple of releases it did not work anymore..
One of the problems is the directx versions, vista has dx10, 3dsmax needs directx 9, so when you start it it wont find it.
Try this
set it to Compatability for XP SP2 and run as Administrator, you dont have to disable glass, BUT you will or might get an error about a DDS DLL, and it wont render the viewports correcty running under Hardware, so run it under Software or OpenGL.
full vista support is coming with the "productivity booster" extension whenever that comes out for subscription at the end March so it should be available now
Run your 3ds Max on Windows Vista
If you purchase 3ds Max 9 with One Year Subscription you will be entitled to download from Autodesk website the Productivity Booster that will make your copy of 3ds Max 9 compatible with Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit

good Luck

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ptrennumAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the info.  I have done as mentioned and it loads up the app but now it is locking up and not responding right when the welcome window comes up.  I don't suppose you have any idea why it is locking up at that point?  I also set it to use the 'REF' instead of the HAL and it is still locking at the same point.  Also do you know of anywhere I could download the productivity booster without having to pay $500 for a subscription?  Thanks again.   BTW I meant SP1 for 3ds max, they have some sp's and hotfixes and autodesk.
Yeah, I read that you have to be a subscriber to autodesk to get the vista fix patch.  I don't think you can get prod pack legit without paying to be a subscriber.  Go back to xp if you want to run 3ds max for now if you can.
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ptrennumAuthor Commented:
It seems like going back to XP is really the only option for using 3ds max right now.  Unfortunately this is not an option I am able to explore at this time.  You would think that a company like Autodesk would be a little more "on the ball" with these kind of things.  I am reading about Maya now and it seems like the same sort of deal.  Pretty amateur of them if you ask me.  I'm going to leave this up for a little longer in hopes that someone can direct me to this "magical" prod booster or has another means of getting the blasted program working with Vista.
with all new windows there is always a growing stage, we had the same with xpsp2 and whql drivers, that was a real pain too.
 xp 64 still has a lot of dramas with drivers, Vista will have a sp1 soon that should start providing drivers.
Its really the responsibility of the software companies to contact MS to get there products updated for each new windows, I'm sure it must frustrate them too.
MS did provide the upgrade advisor so folks would know straight off what existing programs will or will not run with each version of Vista but not many ran it.
I looked into the 3Max issues yesterday and there is numerous people experiencing this problem.
We just have to be patient.
The only solution I could find was the one I posted if that still doesnt solve it you'll just have to wait, join the queue sorry.,GGLJ:2006-38,GGLJ:en&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=3Ds+Max+9++compatibility+Vista&spell=1
Reading from above.  Can you not download and use directx 9 instead 10?  If so would that make it work?  Some guys in the 3dbuzz forums say that version 9 did indeed work on their computers.
yes i mentioned this very fact already still waiting for feedback if he tried directx 9 c, maybe his game has this directx on the game disc
from above
3Dsmax9 does not work in vista yet.<< does not
 it seems like it worked in the early betas, but after a couple of releases it did not work anymore..
One of the problems is the directx versions, vista has diectx10, 3dsmax needs directx 9, so when you start it, it wont find it.
directx 9c

The only other things you can try are:

Where you set the compatibility to XP, in the Compatibility tab, trying checking these boxes:

- disable visual themes
- disable desktop composition
- disable scaling on high DPI settings

Also try disabling the default program firewall policy.
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