cant access pix firewall

help i cant access the cisco pix firewall from my laptop i get " access control exception: access denied " i have imported the certificate and downloaded the latest java and im getting the same error. i tried firefox and IE 7 and 6 and still wont work. anybody had the same problem???

thanks all.
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Add this line

http [your ip address] inside
xcsvxAuthor Commented:
this is what i got
404 Not Found
The requested URL / was not found on this server.

From the command line


#configure term
(config)#http [your ip address] inside
#write mem

To access the command line, plug a Cisco console cable into the console port of the PIX.  Connect the other end of the console cable to your computer's serial port.

Using Hyperterm or other terminal emulator, set the port settings to

Bits Per Second 9600
Data Bits 8
Parity None
Stop Bits 1
Flow control hardware

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xcsvxAuthor Commented:
my laptop dont have a serial port. and i am able to access the pix firewall from 2 pc on the network but i really need to access it from my laptop.
Access from one of the two PCs on the network

Under configuration>Device Access>HTTPS/ASDM

Add your laptop IP address.
xcsvxAuthor Commented:
under configuration i see 4 tabs
access rules
translation rules
systems properties

Access rules
xcsvxAuthor Commented:
no its not in there access rules is where i forward all the ip address from internal to outside.

cisco pix device manager 3.0
pdm version 3.0

Hostname SERVER-PIX Device PIX 501
PDM Version 3.0(2) PIX Version 6.3(4)
JavaScript Enabled Java Enabled
Browser Internet Explorer 6.0 JDK Version 1.4.2_03
OS Windows XP 5.1
Look under system properties.  You are looking for HTTPS/PDM access.

Of course this would be much easier from the command line.
xcsvxAuthor Commented:
no nothing there and i still cant get access even after reinstalling windows xp
It's not a windows issue.  You need to enable http access to specific PCs.  You do this in the PIX.  Any of the instructions above will resolve the issue.
xcsvxAuthor Commented:
i am in systes properties
pdm loggin i see only

loggin level
loggin buffer
I suggest that you enter the commands listed above in the command line of the PIX since you cannot locate it in the PDM.
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