Reboot from MFC application


Is there any function in MFC that will reboot(soft)  the work station while exiting from a MFC application.

The requirement is if the user press a button it will exit the application and it will reboot the
computer also.  If it's possible is any source code available?

I am using VC++ 6.

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void CMyView::OnBnClicked()
   //save all your work
  ExitWindowsEx(EWX_REBOOT, 0) ;
pbsmbcAuthor Commented:
Does the user (who is using the application) need to have administrative privilage to reboot?
Yes, please take a look at this link from MSDN for some sample code.
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>>Does the user (who is using the application) need to have administrative
>>privilage to reboot?

No. Just the SE_SHUTDOWN_NAME when using


See also ("System Shutdown Functions") and ("Shutting Down")

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Sorry for answering Yes to your "is administrative privileges required " question. jkr above is right and that's what the link i qouted with the comment indicates as well.
pbsmbcAuthor Commented:
Thanks jkr.
What is the difference between InitiateSystemShutdown and exitwindowex?
Both will have the same effect, yet 'InitiateSystemShutdown()' is the more NT-like solution that is safe to follow up the path over XP to it's successors.
pbsmbcAuthor Commented:
Our application is running on both XP and NT.  
So is InitiateSystemShutdown better choice?
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