keep having to restore my ipod

About once a week I've been having to restore my ipod! When I open iTunes it gives me the message when you first hooked up your iPod, where you give it its name. I click ok, and then it shows that most of the 'space' is taken up, and that my entire library can not fit. This 'space' is the size of my library only my ipod doesn't recognize it as my library. I then restore every thing and its fine. But why does this keep happening? It takes forever to resync using usb!:(   3rd generation 15gb new hard drive
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Hello deadwalleye:

Have you checked with Apple to make sure your iPod firmware is updated?

When you download iTunes 7 from Apple you can also check for firmware updates here:

You might want to consider reformatting your iPod rather than restoring it.  I think the procedure is part of the firmware update process but I'm not sure.

There's an alternative to iTunes that runs on Windows machines.  It can be found here:

It will allow you to reformat your ipod but will not update the firmware - that must be done at the 'official' Apple site (above).


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Your new hard disk may be defective, perform a disk check
1 Reset the iPod : Toggle the Hold switch on and off. Press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, about 6 to 10 seconds.
2 Diagnostic screen: Reset the iPod and when the Apple logo shows, press the Select and Back buttons.
5 In 1 Performs a series of tests including checking the backlight, memory, and USB ports.
RESET resets the iPod. This is one way to exit the Diagnostic screen.
KEY you press the keys, it tells you if they work.
CHGRCUR I'm guessing on this one. Seems to allow you to turn on and off charging methods.
REMOTE Allows you to test the buttons on the remote control.
HP STAT Indicates if something is plugged into the headphone jack and the state of the hold switch.
SLEEP Puts the iPod to sleep.
BATT A2D Checks the iPod's power supply and (maybe?) indicates the amount of charge in the battery.
A2D STAT Battery and power supply related.
FIREWIRE Checks Fire Wire chip.
HARD R/W Read and write hard drive test. Reads HDD pass if all goes well.
SMRT DAT Another hard drive test. Reads RETRACTS 4 REALLOCS 0 PENDING 0.
SMRT SCAN Appears to be akin to a regular iPod's Disk Scan test. This takes several minutes so don't perform this test unless the iPod is plugged into a power source.
DRV TEMP Displays drive temperature.
DISKMODE Throws the iPod into Disk Mode.
WHEEL Run your thumb around the wheel and watch the values change.
CONTRAST Runs contrast test. My Diagnostic screen was really light. Running this test made it much darker and more legible. Proceed through the screens by pressing the Play button.
AUDIO Displays audio gain. Can move up as high as 127 by pressing Forward button. Default is 120.
STATUS tells you what's plugged into your iPod -- whether it's being charged via Fire Wire and has something plugged into the headphone port, for example.
To move from test to test, use the Previous and Forward buttons. To initiate a test, press the Select button. To exit tests when they're completed, press the Play button
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