How do I open port 25 on my exchange server 2003 std?

connection failed using telnet mx.record 25.  How do I open port 25 on my exchange server 2003 std.
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If you have the Exchange SMTP running successfully the port should be open.  Please make sure there is no firewall running.
You do not make this change on exchange, you make it on your firewall.

Does it work internally?

telnet local.ip.add.ress 25

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jym207Author Commented:
connection failed  (telnet local.ip.add.ress 25)  
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Is the default SMTP server started?

you did replace local.ip.add.ress to or whatever the local ip address of the server is, didnt you?
is your smtp server directly connected to the internet, or do you have port forwarding on a firewall?
Can you even ping the server internally ?
As was said before you dont make this modification from within exchange. If SMTP service is running port 25 is at least open locally on the server. If you are behind a router you need to set up a port forward in your router config to point to the internal address of your server. If not then check Windows Firewall if your using the default software based firewall. If hardware check to make sure port 25 is allowed. Most firewalls that arent setup for mail servers have ports in the smaller ranges (system service ports) are blocked by default.
On the server open a command prompt (start | run | cmd) and run "ipconfig /all" (w/o quotes)

post the results here.

Also try

telnet 25
from the command prompt and see if that returns anything.

How are you connected to the internet?
jym207Author Commented:
thank you!!  I am unable to recieve or send mail using exchange server,  my mx record is (using forwarding to ip address assinged).  after your help i was able to see that port 25 is open on the server. I'm using the basic firewall (w2003 server r2) that came with windows.  although i have disabled the firewall i same problem.  One of my email error messges was "rejected by my server" which is the server in question.  i have run out of solutions. im using to foward my mxrecord. they say everything is forwarding on thier end.  they also foward to my other webserver for my website which works fine.  however i did change the hostname of my webserver too my exchange server, kept the ip addr to my web server the same. could that be the problem??
Well you use the SMTP service to send email, and you use exchange to recieve the email either using exchange or pop service. With the SMTP service set up.. and the fact that your using Exchange navigate to folder \Program Files\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\Vsi 1\Pickup and drop a text file in there named test.eml with the content:
Subject: Test

This is a simple test

Without the hyphens obviously.. Replace with a valid email address of yours that you KNOW you can recieve email at. The hostname issue is only a problem if your trying to reference it by computer name and not by IP address. Either way IP Address points to the specific computer bound to it.

Now your using and right?

Can you paste the response from the server whre it is saying it is rejected?
Do you have Exchange configured to accept messages for the given domain?  Specifically, do you have an Exchange mailbox configured with the e-mail address that you are sending to?

As cmwhite suggested, it would be helpful to see the bounce message(s).
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