progressive jpeg?

I have a jpeg image, and I want to work out if it is progressive, or not. Is this possible?
I've tried opening it in Photoshop, but couldn't find anywhere where it has this sort of information.
Any ideas?

Appreciate any help.
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Tom RayCommented:
ImageMagick ( has a nice tool called 'identify' ( that can be used to tell if an image is progressive.

from the command line:

identify -verbose FILENAME|grep -i interlace

if the result is anything but "none", then it is a progressive jpg. 'identify' can tell you all sorts of things about an image's encoding.
Good question. I tooled around a little with it, but I couldn't find any way to determine it in photoshop either.
if you want to make it progressive, just save it as one.  then you will know!  :)
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mkofahlAuthor Commented:
Thanks sibgig!
I knew there must be a way to do it, but I just couldn't work it out.

Appreciate your help.
Tom RayCommented:
glad i could help
Thats good to know, I guess. You would think Photoshop would be able to do this too!
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