SBS 2003 Network can't browse internet

Good Morning All,

I’m looking for you to help me to stop pulling my hair out. Quick rundown, I have a network which cannot access the internet through a browser. Okay, in depth explanation is below :

My network is set up as below :

BT 2700HGV Router

   WAN IP : ISP Assigned
   Subnet    : ISP Assigned
   Gateway : ISP Assigned
   Lan IP     :
   Subnet     :

SBS 2003

   External Nic

      IP             :
      Subnet      :
      Gateway   :
      DNS         :
      WINS       : Blank
      Netbios over TCP/IP disabled

   Internal Nic

      IP             :
      Subnet      :
      Gateway   : Blank
      DNS         :
      WINS       :

Client PCs (dhcp)

   IP              : 192.168.16.x
   Subnet       :
   Gateway    :
   DNS         :
   WINS       :

All other settings (and a diagram) are the same as found here :

I can browse the internal network fine but get a page cannot be displayed error on the internet using IE. Using Firefox I get “cannot find server at”

I can ping other PCs on the network, I can ping the Server’s internal and external IPs and also the routers IP.

I can ping and tracert sites by name and the server is resolving the name to the correct IP. I cannot browse by name or by IP

When I telnet 80 I get a blank screen which suggests that it is working, I get no ‘connection refused’ messages.

I have disabled windows firewall through GPO.

I have never had and don’t have any AV software running or installed.

I’ve ran SBS’s CEICW as found here :

I’ve tried the winsock fix but that hasn’t helped.

Common sense tells me that something is blocking http but I can’t for the life of me figure out what.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Are you supposed to be going through a proxy server on your ISP network?.  When you telnet to google, type the command "get", do you get a response?

martin05Author Commented:
Its not supposed to be going through a proxy.

Im not at the machine just now but I called and talked one of the users through it.
Typing "get /" at the telnet command apparently throws them back to C:Docs & settings blah blah>
instead of displaying all the html.

I'll try it myself later on but I don't think they would have typed any of it wrong

As a side note: I got the same results when i tried a telnet on google (linux box)
telnet 80
Connected to (
Escape character is '^]'.
get /
Connection closed by foreign host.

instead try
try telnet 80
get /
hit enter

you should see html scream past

Have you checked that "routing and remote access" is allowing the return packets for port 80, also check the outbound setting.
Same for the router

you could try and split the problem, plug a laptop into one of the spare ethernet ports on the hardware router and see if you can connect (assuming you will be protected by nat on router!) if you can it's a issue with SBS or client pc, if you still cannot connect, look at your hardware router.



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martin05Author Commented:
WIll give this a shot and let you know the outcome tomorrow morning, or tonight if it works.
martin05Author Commented:
Tried plugging it into the laptop directly and bypassing the entire network. Got the same problem. Changed the router out for a new one (same kind, same settings) and it worked first time.
So, thank you for you advice and for making me think outside the box. I was sure it was a config setting and never thought about it being a gubbed router.
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