cannot telnet to 2600 router

I cannot telnet to 2600 router.
Here is my config

access-list 12 permit  0.0 255.255

line vty 0 4
access-class 12 in
password xxxx
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You shouldn't need the access-list to allow telnet access.

 I would remove the access-list 12 and access-class 12 in

I'm sure you have an enable password set, I think this is required to enable telnet access as well.

cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
But I am trying to telnet from the outside (internet) to the WAN (serial interface ip).  Are you sure I do not need an access-list?
Maybe I only have an enable secret set, and not an enable password.
cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
Hi Brasslan,
Yep, you are right.  I have a test router and I added the ACCESS-CLASS 12 IN command.  From that point on, I was not able to telnet to the router from the INSIDE< which I have always been able to do before.  Once I removed the ACCESS-CLASS 12, I was able to telnet to the router from the inside.

But I still cannot telnet to the router's WAN/Serial/Public ip interface.  How the heck do you do it?  Sounds simple, but I guess the occasion has never come up before to do this.

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So you are saying that after removing those two access lines, then you can telnet in to the LAN interface but not the WAN interface???
cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
does that sound normal to you?
Honestly,, no :-(

Can you ping the WAN int?
Do you have SSH setup on outside int?
Any other access-lists in the router that would get in the way?
cliffordgormleyAuthor Commented:
I figured out what it was:
I am tired, first of all!
I did not add the correct ip address to the ACCESS-CLASS x.x.x.x IN command
The whole issue was a static nat command that changed the destination ip to an internal ip for ALL packets, even the one in which I was trying to telnet to the wan interface of the router
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