Importing Vectors to SwishMax 2006.06.29

What are the exact steps to import a vector image into SwishMax 2006.06.29? Specify the file format being imported as well. (I have heard that vectors in SWF, WMF, EMF have all acceptable for past versions.)
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ZefferConnect With a Mentor Commented:
well apparently there are jaggy edges and things like that when using import.
you don't say what format your vector image is..
as you've asked this in flash I'll assume you want to get a vector image from flash to swish
export/export image .. save as type.. wmf , emf  (there is a drop-down  for these options)
open swish..file/import
a pop-up has some check boxes..either ignore them or choose an option..Import.

apparently a swf file gives the best quality vectors in swishmax..just copy the file and paste into swish
if you are in freehand similar..but copy the grapic not the file..
Pointer tool..
select your drawing
go to swish

importing can give mixed results copy/paste is best

controlthewebAuthor Commented:
What are the exact steps to import a vector image into SwishMax? That's what I'm looking for.

What do you mean by mixed results? And what would you use for copy/paste for someone that doesn't use Freehand or Illustrator, etc.?
controlthewebAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Any reference on jaggy edges when importing a vector? Pretty out of the ordinary to get jaggies on a vector. I can create a source vector in any format.
yes I agree..but that's something I read in the swish forum.. I suppose you could get them if some of the vector information is dropped or compressed..  I guess some of those options could affect the image..combine layers etc.try it out..


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