VPN - SBS2003 - Accessing Shared Files / apps on PC's Conected to Lan

I have a SBS 2003 in my office with a Broadband connection and a public Ip address. Twin NIC's in the server (Lan/Wan). I have run the VPN wizard on the SBS and from home have set up a VPN (WAN Miniport PPTP) to my office IP Address useing the default settings. This authenticates ok and I can access the exchange email / public folders ok. BUT I cant see any folders on the server nore any other pc's on the network , what do I need to do ?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Are you trying to browse to these folders? Try connecting by name and if that doesn't work by IP (LAN IP) such as:

If still no luck; did you create the VPN with the SBS wizard? It needs to be done in this way to properly configure the routing and firewall. Wizard is located; server management | Internet and e-mail | configure remote access
The client computer should also be done using the appropriate wizard so that name resolution will work properly; server management | Internet and e-mail | create remote access disk
daniel8193Author Commented:
Will it make a diferance that the client PC is xp home ? and can the remote access disk be on a Memory stick?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
XP home cannot join the SBS domain, but remote access by VPN is fine, so you should have no issues.

I don't know if the wizard will create the custom disk on a USB stick. Certainly can't hurt to try, and there would be no problem copying it from a disk to the USB stick for installation on the PC. I just don't recall what it requests as a media when creating the initial disk.
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daniel8193Author Commented:
Couldn't create the disk ( No A Drive )  - end result is I can now see all of the shared folders on the server but cant get to any other pc's. What am I missing ?
Rob WilliamsCommented:
I too tested that and as you say you need a floppy.

Is the RRAS server handing out IP's in a different subnet than the SBS's LAN ? If so you will need to add a static route to be able to access the other machines via VPN.
daniel8193Author Commented:
OOOkkkkkk ....... New ground - how ?? please ..
Rob WilliamsCommented:
There are a couple of ways to handle this.
First is the client getting an IP in the same subnet as the SBS's LAN? To check this connect the VPN and then from the client machine run at a command line:
ipconfig  /all
In the results under PPP adapter, what is the IP address. If the first 3 octets, such as 192.168.2  are the same as the LAN of your SBS, you are done. That is fine. If not you can change the IP's assigned, my choice, or set up a static route on the client or server. Probably simplest to check the subnets first and let us know the results to verify we are "barking up the right tree"
daniel8193Author Commented:
SBS WAN side is  
SBS LAN side is
Clinents > 50

VPN Server
VPN Clients > 10

Work Group PC  
(This is the one I want to be able to connect to)
It has a data base app running on it - maintained by a.n. other

Does That Help ?

daniel8193Author Commented:

VPN Server     should be  VPN Server
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Forgot last night this was SBS. Did you create the VPN using the wizard [server management | Internet and e-mail | configure remote access] ?   This should completely automate the routing. I suspect if your server is handing out IP's in the > 50 range, that is not the case. You can make changes or add routes manually but it is strongly discouraged as it can affect other services.
daniel8193Author Commented:
Ok I've tried this and it works
VPN remote (  to SBS server    (
VPN Win2k Workgroup ( to SBS Server

My question sssss   are -
a) can it be done better
b) How can I keep same VPN IP addres  
c) I some how need to keep the WIN2K / SBS VPN up 100% of the time If it drops I need it to reconect auto.

Any Ideas ?

Rob WilliamsCommented:
I assume the client IP is not local but the PPP address assigned by the RRAS/VPN server. If so good.
a) better that what <G> not sure I know what you mean
b) To keep the same VPN addresses. The static pool assigned to RRAS will always give the RRAS/VPN server the first IP in the pool, so that should stay the same. To assign the client the same IP you do so in Active Directory, under the user's profile, on the Dial-In page near the bottom, "Assign a static IP address"
c) On the client machine, go to control panel | network connections | right click on the VPN connection/adapter choose properties | options | enable "redial if line dropped"

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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Thanks daniel8193.
Cheers !
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