When i do sp_who2
   There is CPU Time and Disk I/O
   Is this what the particular process is doing at the time.

   CPU Time is this in milliseconds
   Disk I/O is this in bytes and to get to megs * by 1024

If the process is just sleeping are these just taking up value cpu ?

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Processes like SQL Server Agent, which although in sleeping mode, remain active as listeners (awaiting command) will take up CPU
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
Is the CPU Time is this in milliseconds
This is ? --   Disk I/O is this in bytes and to get to megs * by 1024  

Is it the amount of data that is being processed at the exact time.....
Physical IO

Cumulative disk reads and writes for the process.

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Physical io and CPU are cumulative values for the life of the process. Also, remember that spids are re-usable so the values could be cumulative for several processes.

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TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
i always wondered why some are so high oh i see..
No way to divide i suppose ?
What the size 8k ?
No there is no way to divide it

<What the size 8k ? >
Not sure what you mean by this
TRACEYMARYAuthor Commented:
when you do sp_who2
the Disk I/O is a figure is this how much data is being requested in and out of data files

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