Acer Aspire 3003 keyboard and touchpad not working

I have an Acer Aspire 3003 wlci running XP Home, the hard drive became corrupt, put a new hard drive in loaded the OS and everything seemed fine. The touchpad and keyboard don't work after I pass the welcome screen and the icons come up. I took apart the laptop receded both keyboard and mouse and same thing. I connected a USB mouse and that seems to work, went to device manager and uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and still the same thing.
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You probably need to download and install the Acer touchpad driver found here:

That is, unless you have already installed it, as you say above - note that it must be the specific driver for that unit.

You might possible end up with motherboard problem.
you shpuld install all the drivers for your laptop (chipset, video, sound etc . ..)
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1. Please clarify: Does the KB work in BIOS setup?
2. Does KB and Touchpad work in safe mode?
3. Can you try another environment like running the system off a live CD of some description. If KB and touchpad work there, it's a drivers issue.
logicomusaAuthor Commented:
keyboard does work in safe mode
are all drivers installed?
If the keyboard is working in safe mode then some software or service is interfering with it in normal mode. Try uninstalling the driver in normal mode and let Windows reinstall it for you.

logicomusaAuthor Commented:
I haven't put the drivers in yet, but when the battery is not in and I'm using it AC power only everything works fine in regular mode. I'm going to buy a new battery and test it. Do you think the battery would have anything to do with it?
Battery? Well...This is the first time I have seen such error...

i rather think your OS is corrupt then; try running sfc /scannow from the run box, or even a repair install :      
logicomusaAuthor Commented:
Sorry we have not posted, none of the above solutins have worked. The laptop works fine without the battery. It doesn't seem to be a software error, when the battery is in it must be shorting something out somewhere because it won't work. We bought a new battery and tried that, same problem. If we ever get zealous enough to take the laptop apart again and find a solution we will post.

It's not that we weren't interested in an answer, we kept getting software responses when we knew the problem to be a hardware related.
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For this exact problem. I suggest disabling the CmBatt and Compbatt drivers.  These seem to have a problem with the older batteries, and the affect is to prevent the messages generated by the keyboard and the touchpad from being processed by Windows.  I have this theory because if I use an external mouse to start a file search, while the search is happening, the touchpad will work, though it is very jerky.

Disabling these drivers don't seem to have any affect on the operation of the battery.  Windows just has reduced functionality in regards to the battery level.

I hope this helps.
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