Lexmark e120 network setup

Hi all, trust you are well.

Struggling to get to see a Lexmark e120n on the network. Can anyone tell me how i get the printer to print out its network settings - a client inherited the printer and for the life of me i cant "find" the printer on the network. OR alternatively how do i set it back to default and what is the default.

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Hello SeaNij:

Print network setup:

To print the menu settings and network setup pages, press the Continue button from the Ready state.


To restore the printer to the original factory defaults, press and hold the Cancel button for more than three seconds.

I looked up the documentation for the unit at:http://www.lexmark.com/lexmark/channel/frameset/home_no_nav/0,6951,204816596_659668502_0_en,00.html

and found this:
The Lexmark E120n (network model), has a resident Web page, which can be accessed from the browser. To access the
resident Web page, type the printer’s IP address in the URL address field of the browser (for example, http:// If you do not know the IP address of your printer, it can be found on the network setup page. See Printing
the menu settings and network setup page.
Some resident Web page features include a real-time status window of the printer and details of the printer’s configuration,
such as current memory and engine code levels. If you have administrative rights, you can also change printer settings.
Printing the menu settings and network setup page

To print the menu settings and network setup pages, press the Continue button from the Ready state. The printer
automatically prints the menu settings and network setup page.
A list of the printer settings and the current default values are printed on the menu settings page. The current default
settings are marked with an asterisk. The network setup page confirms the network Status is “Connected” and lists the
current network settings.
Restoring factory defaults
This function will return most of the settings back to their factory values. The display language and the settings in the
Network and USB menus are not returned to the factory defaults.

To restore the printer to the original factory defaults, press and hold the Cancel button for more than three seconds.
Note: Before restoring the factory defaults, make sure the host computer or network has stopped sending
information to the printer.

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SeanNijAuthor Commented:
Any other ways to reset to factory default? I tried holding the cancel button for more than 3 seconds and the IP Address did not reset.
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Hello jodiemr:

Sorry I'm a little slow on the uptake here - I have been ex-cummicato for a couple of weeks (I recommend it to anyone who spends more than an hour per day in front of a computer screen).

Anyway, when you did your hard reset (Cancel - three + seconds) were you connected to a computer or network?

There is this caveat in the reset procedure:

Note: Before restoring the factory defaults, make sure the host computer or network has stopped sending information to the printer.

If the machine was connected to the network when it was reset, it's possible it grabbed a DHCP address right after you reset it...just speculating here.

HI warrenbuckles,

Welcome back :)

Thanks for the tip - I haven't had a chance to test cause the techs got the irits with it and plugged it into the old subnet to rest to dhcp.  

So I can not confirm just now on whether resetting the printer without cable in but if anyone else has tried let us know : )


My printer wont reset the IP. tried the cancel button for many times. Is there any other way to reset the IP settings on the printer? I just need to change it back to DHCP, so atleast I can access the printer.
Hello gigipaul:

The Lexmark directions have the caveat 'make sure the network has finished sending information to the printer'

Is your printer still connected to the network or any external device when you try to reset it?

If it is, unplug all the cables (network cable and USB, if present), power down the printer (this makes sure any volatile print jobs are deleted from RAM) and try the 'Cancel' button-for-more-than-three-seconds reset trick.

If that doesn't work I'm stumped - my only resource here is the manual page I accessed from Lexmark, so I can't try this myself on a real printer.

If you can't get the printer to reset BUT you can get the IP address using the printout instructions ('press the Continue button from the Ready state'), you SHOULD be able to access the setup page over your local network, using the printer's IP address in the address field of any browser (just type in the four numbers, nothing else).  If this doesn't work, possibly due to a conflict between the subnetting scheme of your network or if the printer is stuck at an already-claimed address on the network, you could setup a rudimentary network consisting ONLY of the printer and a computer with an Ethernet port.  Connect them with a switch or hub (plug an Ethernet cable each from each unit to the switch or hub) or use a crossover cable to plug directly from one to the other.  (see below for crossover cable)

Set the host computer's Ethernet to static IP (no DHCP) with the IP address in the same subnet as the printer - for example, if the printer has an IP address of, set the computer to 192.168.0.xxx, where xxx is between 2 and 250 (but NOT 10) - you only have to make the first three numbers identical and the last different from that in the printer and somewhere in the range of 2-250 (actually anything between 1 and 254 should work, but I would avoid 0, 1 and anything over 250 just to make sure you don't conflict with any 'smart' features of the switch, if you are using one).

Set the subnet mask to (it will probably default to this) and leave the gateway address blank.

Then launch a browser on the computer and type in the IP address of the printer:, following the example address above (yours will probably be different).

A page showing the printer's settings should display on the browser and you should be able to make the changes you need.


Directions on making a crossover cable are here:


A crude one can be made by cutting apart a patch cable and twisting the correct wires together - it won't pass any speed tests but should work for a quick setup.

Or you can buy them at computer retailers and many electronics shops.
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