Tips to ensure high ranking within major search engines

What are currently the best methods when creating a website to ensure a high ranking within the major search engines?
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pigmentartsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would not say that it gives more weight on just the title of pages, but it’s definitely a factor. Keyword density, word relationships, heading tags all play an equal part in SEO.

As for the algorithms it’s all there to read in Goggles patent information (and there are many) and apart from the odd wolf and sheep (I will page nothing about PR), you can see the effort they have given to try and provide relevant searches for the phase typed, but not to upset its paid sponsors its fact and information websites that seem to rank higher in high market areas!

So to get good ranking, pick you keywords well, make sure your site provides good information on the products or services you are offering and update often. Don’t dilute the message. Make sure that each pages is on topic/theme, use your keywords in the title, text etc. after which build up links.

have a read on this on keywords:
Very general question covers a lot of things, so all I can give is a general answer

Just to start….

A good coded website
Good keyword research, find your market!
A website focused on its target area, lots of articles and information on its topic area
Site maturity
Links in to the site over time (no link farms) and on topic
Good site feedback, conversion rates, data you can work with

start by reading here....
The best two tips I can give you:

Put your target keywords in the <title> tag of your page.  So if you want to be high in the search results for New York Widgets, make sure to include those words in your title tag.

Do what you can to get links TO your website from other high quality websites.  If you can, have the TEXT of those links be the keywords that you are targeting (which probably match the title of the target page).  Something like this:

<a href="">New York Widgets</a>
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I agree with the preceeding two comments, plus I'll add my top 3 rules for good ranking... Content, Content and Content.

There are many things you can do to optimize your site's rank, including the preceeding comments, plus others, but the number one thing is to have content of relevance to the search. In general a page on your site should target one keyword and several supporting keywords. You can't tackle every keyword you want on one page, use many pages.

If you can find a way to get a link from Wikipedia that helps a ton, but don't violate the wikipedia terms of use, links from Squidoo are interesting, but not as good. And certainly if you can get links from .edu and .gov sites that would be great!

search engines such as Google completely ignore meta tags, JerSchneid.

as stated before, "latent semantic indexing" how words on a page relate to your content.
to do well in the search engine rankings, you need lots of info pages on your subject and update them often.

get links into you site over time, its hard work and takes time.

the info on 
is the best link i can give, its upto date and wriiten by one of the members on here.
WaldenLConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>search engines such as Google completely ignore meta tags

Don't know that I'd go that far, but they are meta tags, not magic tags. :)

The description tag is used by many engines as the displayed abstract on the search, and the robots meta tag is helpful to tell the engines to ignore ODP entries for your site. However, I would agree that with few exceptions the keyword tag is useless. The keywords need to be in the content!

you right maybe i should have said "completely ignore keyword meta tags"

JerSchneidConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes... Google definitely ignores the keyword META tag, but if you read my post carefully, you'll see i wasn't talking about META tags.  I was talking strictly about the html <title> tag.  In my experience, Google gives more weight to the <title> tag than ANY other factor affecting search engine rank.  Although we ALL have to admit that nobody knows exactly how Google ranks the different pages, since only about 5 people within Google have access to the actual algorithm.
:( bad English above, sorry. my apologies.
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