eBay enhanced picture services and proxy

When attempting to upload images to eBay through the Enhanced Picture Manager the following error is received:

'There was a problem connecting to eBay Picture Services.
Problem type: SD FB (Error SDFB003)'

I have consulted eBay and they believe that the issue is primarily due to a popup / ad blocker preventing the upload however the system affected has no popup / ad blocker active. We use Websense Enterprise Manager v5.5 and Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 on our proxy server and it appears that the issue is due to one of these systems as when the proxy server is bypassed uploading is OK. I don't believe the issue is due to Websense as I temporarily stopped the Websense filtering services and uploading was still affected. I have also forced any requested to eBay to not be cached as I read that caching can cause a problem. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what is a potential solution?

Many thanks,

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No unfortunately even though i am an Ebay user your problem is different with  {Server 2000 on our proxy server} we just have simple home desktops,
which version of internet explorer are you using?
It looks like it might be a firewall issue. Try turning off your firewall to upload and then turn it back on afterwards.

I found this,
Troubleshooting eBay Basic Picture Services
If you have received an error code SDFB013
The SDFB013 error indicates a problem with the connection to eBay Picture Services servers. This can be caused by a poor network connection, but most often indicates a software conflict. Pop-up and ad-blockers are two of the programs that can prevent eBay Picture Services from loading your pictures. If you use Microsoft Windows with Internet Explorer, please try the instructions below to turn off the built-in pop-up blocker.

Open Internet Explorer.

Click Tools on the Internet Explorer menu then select Internet Options...

Click the Privacy tab.

In the Pop-Up Blocker section, deselect the Block pop-ups check box. If there is no check in the check box, click Cancel.

Click Apply.

For more information, go to Microsoft’s Web page Block Pop-up Windows with Internet Explorer

If you have received an error code called SDFB003
The error code SDFB003 indicates data corruption when connecting to the eBay Picture Services servers. The most common cause for this is a setting in a firewall. Normally this setting will appear something like "remove unknown headers" and can be disabled to allow you to upload your images. If you are unable to find or adjust such a setting in firewall software you run on your own computer, then your Internet connection is likely filtered by a firewall operated by your Internet Service Provider. You can report the issue to your ISP, requesting that they tell you how to adjust the firewall setting to allow pictures to be uploaded to eBay.

There's more

good luck
Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information but unfortunately this is the sort of stuff that eBay have been advising to no avail. There is no firewall on the box as we use a corporate firewall and when bypassing the proxy it works and still goes through the corporate firewall.
you may have missed my question, which version IE are you running?
 any IE7 beta versions?
IE 7

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Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
I have tried accessing through both IE6 and IE7 - same issue.
okay when I see this do you have both installed? Probably not.
 Which one are you currently running,
Barnardos_2LS we can speed this up a bit if you could provide the necessary details straight up, IE7 is very different from IE6.
Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
OK. IE6 is the version being used. eBay has been added to the trusted sites section which is set to low security, popup blocker is turned off and temporary internet files have been cleared.
thanks :)
have you looked in IE tools privacy there is also a popup blocker here
are you running norton by any chance
Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
All popup blockers have been turned off and we do not use Norton.
Morning Barnardos_2LS I dont really have a straight answer for you, the error your given hits the spot I would say,
your comment>>There is no firewall on the box as we use a corporate firewall and >>when bypassing the proxy it works and still goes through the corporate firewall.<< you say it works??

If it works thru bypassing the proxy what is it your asking for, sorry its a littlie confusing reading it.

 you say you tried uploading with both IE7 and IE6, did you uninstall IE7 correctly?
Often times uninstalling IE7 has a few more steps and if not done correctly may cause IE6 to stop functioning correctly.
Internet Explorer 7 running side by side with IE6. (standalone)

Have you tied using a different browser such as Firefox, this can also ruleout if the problem is IE or the firewall .

Did you use a beta version of IE7?

Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
IE6 and IE7 were installed on seperate PCs. It is not the browser as bypassing the proxy resolves the issue. The issue lies with the proxy server and the configuration of Websense Enterprise Manager v5.5 and / or Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000. This is where I am looking for a solution.
I am really our of my depth here
your comment
There is no firewall on the box as we use a corporate firewall>> is this artical related
At no time should you install or place the Internet Security and Acceleration Sever (ISA) 2000 Firewall Client on an ISA 2000 server. Firewall Client is not supported or necessary on a computer that is running ISA 2000 Server.

The following list is a summary of some of the issues that you may encounter if you install the ISA 2000 Firewall Client or Proxy 2.0 Winsock proxy client on an ISA 2000 server: • You may be unable to telnet to port 25 on a remote server from the ISA 2000 server.
• You may be unable to telnet to port 110 on a remote server from the ISA 2000 server.
• On the SecureNat clients, one of the following errors may be displayed when you are attempting to browse the Internet: • Internet Explorer could not open the search page.The page cannot be displayed.Cannot find server or DNS Error Internet Explorer.
The clients that have the Web proxy service or the Firewall Client services installed may not encounter problems when the browser is being used.

If you install the ISA 2000 Firewall Client on an ISA 2000 server, a loop with the Firewall Service for all Winsock applications occurs.

The Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000 Firewall Client is not supported on Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000


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Barnardos_2LSAuthor Commented:
The issue was due to ISA authentication. The eBay Enhanced Picture Services does not support ISA authentication so when attempting to upload pictures it failed.
Hi, so do I get points for mentioning ISA .>>If you install the ISA 2000 Firewall Client on an ISA 2000 server, a loop with the Firewall Service for all Winsock applications occurs.

Thank you for the feedback  and solutions.
regards Merete
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