Which Open Source router?

I'm going to buy a new router for home use. I would like to get familiar with dd-wrt (or another good open source router system). I only wonder what router I should buy. The price may be about €100.

1) I know about the Linksys WRT54GL. Is it possible to use the WRT54G as well? What's the better option?
2) I believe the WRT54G has more memory. Is that a limitation for the WRT54GL?
3) What other routers can be used? Pros and cons?
4) I heard about dd-wrt. Is this the only system available?
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Rob WilliamsCommented:
Yes WRT54G is supported. You may want to have a look et the following site to compare advantages and disadvantages of different router models, and whether they are compatible:
Comparison of some of the best choices for dd-wrt
See last 2 links on following site for supported hardware:
Alternative to dd-wrt is:
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