Potential Virus (VB.exe)[norton system service?]

So a user comes up to me one day and says "I cannot get online"

He was unable to access 95% of the network resorces. I say 95% cause he was actually able to access one network drive. Aside from that he was not able to surf the net do email or anything. He was able to ping all server and external addresses. Everything seemed to be setup correctly.

After looking through the system I found the source of the problem. A process called "vb.exe" was running, and when you closed this process everything was working again.

This file is located in the system32, as well as the prefetch.

There was also a registry entry in the HKLM...bla bla bla...Microsoft Run folder vb.exe, the string beside it says it was a "norton system service"

Well throughout the day user 2 came to me and had the same problem. This is when I got worried. I removed the enteries the files the process and it has been fixed for these users. Never heard anything back.

Well as I am writing this (Next day) I have recieved 3 people tell me this morning in 45 mins that they have the same problem.

How can I find out how this file is replicating? How can I find out where it's coming from or where it came from, what can I do?

We run a 25-30 server environment of Windows 2003/2000 with Symantec 10.0 rolled out to all clients and servers with updated definitions. Symantec is reporting no problem.
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Get a hold of the actually virus and submit it to Symantec. Symantec's corporate customers get very good support and usually have an update/fix for the definitions within a day or 2.
Drakin030Author Commented:
In the meantime is there anything I can do to find out where it came from or how it is replicating?
As far as locating the main system infected it's hard to say. I have a Watchguard Firebox that alerts me of massive broadcasts when things like this happen and I can normally track down which systems are getting infections but I've never really known of a way to track it down to the beginning. It's possible that the first one that was brought to you was the main system that was infected and now it's just spreading everywhere but it's also possible that the main system is showing no symptoms and just infecting other systems. You could install zonealarm on one of the infected programs and let that trigger a warning as to what port and service it is using to replicate itself. I hate zonealarm but it's come in handy tracking down some viruses for me.

Process explorer will also help figure out where the file is running and what it's using

Drakin030Author Commented:
I did use a program called PE Explorer. I think it kinda did the same thing. I wasnt able to find much info I saw the name "Dingboy" from time to time. I will try and use this program to see what I can come up with.
Thanks for the points!
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