Connecting to printer on diff Subnet.

I've got an issue here trying to connect to a printer on a different subnet. I have a WAP that is setup on a different subnet - I have everything configured to allow me to connect to domain resources on our domain subnet. PC's that connect to the WAP are NOT on the domain. Here is the setup -

Laptop - WAP ( - Gateway addr of - Watchguard x1250e -

I can connect to ALL domain resources on subnet however when I try to connect or even ping the printer ( it times out. I've gone the route of adding a local printer - new port - standard TCP/IP and then using the printers IP and it tells me it can't locate the printer. I can successfully ping several other domain PC's by name and IP addr - but not this printer.

Any help?
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Is this a network Printer?
Typically if so they need port tcp port 9100 open.
Haze0830Author Commented:
yes it is...and port 9100 is open.
Can you add the printer to the server, and then share the printer from there?
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To troubleshoot this connectivity issue I would start from physical layer like testing network cable, network jack and then jetdirect network card. After that I would verify that ip configuration on the printer is correct specially ip address, subnet mask and gateway.

Haze0830Author Commented:
I don't see an option anywhere to check the subnet mask or gateway. I know it's not a cable or switch issue and it is currently shared off of a server.
If you can't print to it through the server share, then its likely that the problem has nothing to do with the printer itself.  You may have a firewall issue that is blocking the LDP ports (typically, UDP 161, and occasionally TCP 515 or 9100).  You might have to check with the actual printer to see if there are others.

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Haze0830Author Commented:
I'll give it a shot.
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