read the xml file from FTP

Hello Experts
      I want to read the xml file from FTP server without download the xml file using

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badbearontourConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Polythought,

Its not possible to read a file from an ftp server without downloading it first... couldn;t you download it once and then read it into your database? Then at least any further work could be done with the database and not the flat files.
An alternative may be if you can get http access to the ftp folder, then you could use a webclient to 'read' the files and then you could dump the webclient contents into a table


thats not possible, you will have to download it to be able to read it!

Maybe if you explain your reasons for not wanting to download, we may be able to find a better solution

polythoughtAuthor Commented:
Hello experts

     I want to read the xml file from ftp server and save the data in my database.
there is too many xml file in ftp server almost 20 to 40 files. I want to read all the xml file and saved it's content in my database. but it consume so much time.
because first I want to download the xml file then read it and saved it into the
database.So I want to read the xml file without download from ftp. it's possible or not?

You can do this by downloading the file to memory.  See the Secure FTP Factory for .NET component.

The topic Classes > Ftp > Downloading files > Downloading files to memory covers this:

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