Blackberry Desktop Activation

We received 5 Blackberry's yesterday but i have had some problems with getting them activated. We use BES and i have been assured that everybody is set up on the server (Our servers are not local and i am not able to make any changes to the servers, and getting a response from our server team takes many days) 3 of the Blackberry's activated just fine, i installed the desktop software, connected the blackberry and it completed its activation immediately.

I have a Nextel 7100i that i installed all the Blackberry desktop software and connected it up, but i was unable to to send and receive email on our corporate email, if i looked at the service books, the email address and everything was in there, i was able to go online and make calls, but it wasnt connected to email. The wireless activation (which we dont use) dissapeared from the home screen, making me think activation was successful, but still no luck. Eventually out of the blue, about a couple of hours later it just starts activating and now it is working fine.

I have 1 more 7100i that i tried activating this morning, but i seem to be in the same situation. I installed all the software, connected it to the PC, the wireless activation disappeared, but i have no connectivity to email.

Can anybody give me any ideas on why this one is not activating immediately and others did? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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1) Nextel requires that you have NXTL in upper case next to the battery gauge.

If not, you can not use all the services and it will not fully activate.

You need to get access to the BB monitor or ask the server team to see if it is activating ( not initializing )

It may just kick in when you get good enough reception.

I hope this helps !
dgiles79Author Commented:
I have NXTL in the upper right part of the screen. I will try and reach the server team and see if i can get some information.

Is it possible that this may just be normal, that sometimes it just takes a while for activation to go through?
You should at least be getting an activation message on the BB device and a percentage.

It can take  a couple of hours to complete depending on reception and service book size.

I hope this helps !
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dgiles79Author Commented:
I wasn't getting any percentage, but i figured out what it was. The users i had problems with were ones that had their email being delivered to a local personal folder instead of the server mailbox. As soon as i switched their email to be delivered to the server mailbox and regenerated encryption keys, the activation percentage started and it was successful.

Thanks for your help though SysExpert.
That is definitely required, since the BES server forwards the mail from the inbox on the Server.

Glad you got this resolved !

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