Build one record with multiple forms

I want to create multiple forms that will gather information and store it in one record. i.e. Step 1 (what size?) Step 2 (what color?) Step 3 (What is it?)

Each step is it's own form that add information to the same record.
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How about a single form, bound... Just make the appropriate steps visible at the right time:
ie start with just txt1 visible.
In txt1's after update event:

If nz(Me.txt1,"") <> "" Then
   me.txt1.visible = false
   me.txt2.visible = true
end if

In txt2's after update event:

If nz(Me.txt2,"") <> "" Then
   me.txt2.visible = false
   me.txt3.visible = true
end if


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zero118Author Commented:
I know how to create a single form, I Require multiple forms to build a product as it goes.  Like if it's left or right, the rest of the options on the remaining forms would need to be taylored to that.
Buid your forms and bind them to the table.  To filter them to the correct record on opening:

DoCmd.openform "frmYourFormName",,,"ID = " & me.ID

This is assuming that you are launching the forms from some "main form" bound to the table.  You need something like this to let the other forms know what record you are working with.
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zero118Author Commented:
Actually, I think your first suggestion will work just fine inside of Tabs =-)  Thanks.
Glad to help, but why the "B" grade?
zero118Author Commented:
:)  Not everyone can score an A for everything.  It wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for but turned out to work okay.  ;-)
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