HP LJ 4300 operating at 1/2 speed - paper sensor??

HP LJ 4300 - printing half speed.  All tray's are set to standard, and all paper types are defined as follows:

Tray 1 Type any size any
Tray 2 Type any size Legal
Tray 3 Type any size Legal

When I pull tray 3 out and back in, display tells me it is aut-sensing paper. But tray 2 does not do that.  I suspect the paper sensor for tray 2 is not operating correctly, but I want to rull out anything else first.

This unit operates at 1/2 speed when certain settings tell it, in effect, "slow down . . .we're not sure what we are dealing with here."  But if all settings and the paper in the trays are standard,  does that mean sensor problems??  I guess I am looking at a way to definitivey determine this.

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Woops, my bad.  Glossed over "set to standard" in your post.  Will do some research and see if I can come up with something else.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I just seems like "1/2 speed with all paper settings normal = bad sensor" is a lousy way to diagnose something.  You would think that a printer with a 45 PPM output would actually test all the sensors and give you that in a diagnosis.  But I just don;t see that
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Hey, real quick - you have a serial number on that?  I couldn't find anything else, so I went to HP's chat with a tech service, and they want the s/n before they'll "troubleshoot" the issue with me.
Bah, what a waste.  Chat is nothing but level 1 support, and you're already past the scripted answers.

The only other possibility I can see is:
pickup rollers - replace them (starting with tray 2) and see if it helps.

If you need, here's the parts breakdown from HP for tray 2:

You're probably right, sounds like the sensor and I can't really see anything else it would be.

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MixmangleAuthor Commented:
You know, I really appreciate you doing some additional head-scratching for me. I'll let you know when I investigate further.  

MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Turns out that all the settings were corrdct. but tray 2 flag would not engage because of a small piece of plastic in the works. We found it during dis-assembly.

Point of Interest . . . .  The Standard/Custom setting I was used to seeing on the configuration print out came back after the machine was cleaned out and the piece removed.  So, even though the settings looked right on the trays . . .the fact that they were not showing up on the configuration page was this printer's way of telling me something was not quite right!

Once the plastic was removed, the machine ramped up to it's 44PPM like normal . . . .and the tray custom/standard setting showed up again on the config page!
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