Pentium M CPU upgrade question (will my 400 MHz FSB system take a 533 MHz FSB CPU?)

Hello.  I have a Dell Latitude D505.  According to CPU-Z, these are my current processor specs:

Intel Pentium M 725, Dothan, mPGA-479M, running 400 MHz FSB, 2 MB L2, at 1.6 GHz.

I want to upgrade to a 1.86 or faster chip, but I'm not sure what it can and can't do.  If I know of someone I can get a Pentium M, 1.86 GHz, 478pin, 2 MB L2, SL7S9 step, running a 533 MHz FSB - will it work?

My biggest concern is the FSB.  Will a machine that runs a 400 MHz FSB accept a 533 MHz chip and throttle it down automatically?

Thank you for your help!
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mlamartinaAuthor Commented:
Thnak you for responding.  However, when I followed your link, I'm presented with a login screen for a Dell Premiere account, which I do not have.  Would you be able to cut and paste the info for me?  I would really appreciate it.
That one wont work. The D505 only supports the Pentium M's with a 400fsb(It wont throttle down a 533). They make a 1.8Ghz and a 2.0Ghz with the 400fsb. Also note that upgrading the cpu in the laptop will void the warranty.

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mlamartinaAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  That's exactly what I needed.  I'm not concerned with the warranty as I bought the laptop a number of years ago and the warranty's long expired.
Thanks again!
I try to post link again. It is possible that Dell use temporary numbers because the same info with other id's
I have a shock from refurbished processor prices.
Dell almost always wants an arm and leg for replacement parts.
That is one reason why I don't like Dell.
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