Single phone line converted to VOIP, then back to phone

Hello all,
I am in need of a single phone line in an adjacent building (and single data line) to connect to our main office.  They are right at 100m apart at the closest point (not including any length inside the building).  We are likely going to use a wireless method to provide the data line.  I want to know how (or if) I can add a single VOIP phone that will integrate with our current phone system.  This seems like our easiest option (no physical wiring, no new lines from telco company, etc.).  I don't really know much about the phone system other than it is Nortel Meridian and doesnt' support VOIP in any way.

Is there a simple conversion box that I could put on each end of the wireless link to convert phone to IP, then back again?
Do you have any other suggestions?
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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can just configure the SPA-3000 and GXP-2000 to talk to each other over the network.

The SPA-3000 would connect to the PBX on one of its FXS ports (the same type a fax machine would connect to for example) and when that line is called it would send a VoIP call over to the GXP-2000 which would start ringing. When the call is answered the SPA-3000 would accept the call (go off hook) and pass the voice to the GXP-2000.

When the phone wants to make a call then the number is dialed and after a configurable timeout (or the SEND button is pressed) the dialed number will be sent to the SPA-3000. The SPA-3000 will then go off hook and send the number dial via normal DTMF tones. Then it connects the call and passes the audio to the GXP-2000.
You will need something like a Sipura SPA-3000 ( which will connect to a standard analogue telephone port on your exchange and provide a VoIP interface to it.
You can then get a VoIP phone such as the Grandstream GXP-2000 and configure it to connect to the SPA-3000.

I would try and avoid using wireless if you can. Although it should work fine at that distance it is low bandwidth and trying to get quality of service across it which you need for voice calls can be problematic.
Personally I would get a switch which supports fibre optic connections or use a normal switch and a couple of fibre converters and run the fibre between the buildings.
Yes you can get a analog adapter or gateway which does exactly that - bridge a plain copper phone line to a IP system.  This can then be connected to the meridian as a plain phone line.  

Here a selection of units,  you would need one with a FXS port to give you a phone line into the system.

Another option that would not require any networking would be a wireless phone jack combined with a phone line simulator.

Here is a unit which can span up to 1000 feet outdoors line of sight.  It is not a 'outdoor' unit and would need an enclosure to mount outside but would work great from inside if you have facing windows on the buildings.

Viking Phone line simulator,

This connects the the phone system as a plain line same as the voip adapter.  The line simulator automatically rings the other port when one port goes off hook.

So meridian phone line port to port 1 of line simulator.  Port 2 of line simulator to wireless phone jack  which then links to 2nd wireless phone jack unit in other building.  Then just plug any regular analog phone into the jack in the other building.  When you pick up the phone it rings into the meridian OR if the meridian picks up that line it rings to the phone.
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If running a wire between buildings was a option you could just drop a regular nortel phoneset into the other building using a regular phone wire.  A Meridian PBX can do 3500 - 4000 feet extensions.  Exact specs depend on the model of phoneset.
SupportECIAuthor Commented:

Here is a diagram I threw together of what I am looking for.

I am confused on how the products you suggested would work.  Would I need to setup a VOIP system to get them to work?
SupportECIAuthor Commented:
Okay, so instead of an analog phone and converter, I just need an IP phone in the remote location.

Can I use any IP phone (GS-101, we only need one line)?

I assume that I will need to setup port forwarding based on IP address.  Phone set to, router configured to send all traffic from to port 1, which is connected to the SPA-3000.  Then I just configure the SPA-3000 and plug it into our phone system.  Sound about right?
Yes you can use any IP phone as long as it uses the standard SIP protocol.

You dont need to setup any port forwarding. Just create an account (username and password) on the SPA-3000 for the IP phone to connect to and then on the IP phone configure the IP address of the SPA-3000 and the username and password in the account settings.
SupportECIAuthor Commented:
Thanks grblades.  We will probably order the supplies next week.  If I have any problems you will probably see another post on this site.
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