How to use a Word document template on a Mac


My client needs to create with a Word template, in which he can insert new info. and photos every time. He has a Mac.

I just created a Word template (.doc) on my own Mac to test one. After I save the template and open it back up, it seems to work like a regular Word document. After I insert a photo and click Save, the "template" is saved with the revision. How can I create a template for my client so it can be used over and over again? Am I missing something?


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It's how you open the template.  You only want to "open" the template when you want to edit it.  To create a new document based on that template you need to go to File and click new.  From there it will depend on where you saved your template.

Good luck

You need to save the document as a template type (.dot) not as .doc. So, when you create the document to your satisfaction, just select File > Save As ... and use the Format drop-down to select Document Template as your file type. This will allow you to create a new document from the template rather than overwrite the template directly.

Post if you have any further questions.
kara334Author Commented:
Hmm...I didn't have any trouble creating the template. What I really need to know is how to use the template over and over afterward. On my Mac, I don't have a "New" choice under File in Microsoft Word, so I couldn't do that.

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Kara, if your file is saved as a document type of template, then you just double-click the file and it should give you a new document based on the template, without saving any changes over the original template. It should work as if you opened a blank document, but with the formatting of the template as a base.

If you are overwriting your template when you open a document from it and save, then I would wager that it's not of the template type, but a normal document.

Just choose a location for your original template when you're ready to save it, make sure you select Format: Template from the drop-down in the save dialogue box and you should be set. Any document you open from that file thereafter will behave as expected and create a new file based on the template.
kara334Author Commented:
OK, I still think I'm doing something wrong. Maybe if I tell you the steps I'm taking that will help:

I open Word and start a new document.

I type something and click on Save.

I choose Document Template from the dropdown menu and name the document.

I save it either in Documents or on the desktop.

I close the document.

I click on Open to reopen the document. I find it and open it.

I type something new on it.

I hit the Save button, and what I just typed is saved to the template. This is what I don't want. I need to save my changes to a new document.

I'm sure this is very simple. I must be missing a step.

OK, I see what the problem is.

Word has this silly habit of only recognising a template as a template if it's saved in the Templates folder.


1. Create a new document.
2. File > Save.
3. Select Format : Document Template from the drop-down menu.
4. Word should redirect you to the My Templates directory. Save it here, or it won't understand that it needs to be read as a template.

When you want to open a template as a new file:

1. File > Project Gallery ...
2. Select My Templates from the left menu list. Your template should be there.
3. Open your template. It should open as a new file.

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kara334Author Commented:
That worked great. That was vey helpful. I had tried saving one in templates, but then I didn't know how to find it later. Now I know to to use the Project Gallery. Thank you.

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